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Current Conditions


Feels Like: 26°
H: 48° L: 26°
Pressure: 30.36
Dewpoint: 21°
Humidity: 83%
Wind: SW at 1
Average High: 33
Average Low: 17
Record High: 64
Record Low: -15


Precision 18 Forecast

Dry, pleasant weather continues before warmer temperatures and rain return by next Wednesday.

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Daily Forecast

Clear skies. Low 26F. Winds light and variable.
Mostly sunny skies. High around 50F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.
Tomorrow night
Clear. Low near 25F. Winds light and variable.
Sunny, along with a few afternoon clouds. High near 55F. Winds light and variable.
Sunday night
Partly cloudy. Low 39F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.
Sunny along with a few clouds. High near 65F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph.
Monday night
Partly to mostly cloudy. Low 46F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.
Mostly cloudy skies early, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. High around 65F. Winds SSW at 15 to 25 mph. Higher wind gusts possible.
Tuesday night
Partly cloudy during the evening followed by cloudy skies overnight. Low 53F. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph.
Cloudy with gusty winds. Slight chance of a rain shower. High near 65F. Winds SSW at 20 to 30 mph.
Wednesday night
Rain showers, with winds diminishing late. Low 57F. Winds SSW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

Hourly Forecast

TimeTempFeels LikeConditionsPrecipHumidityWind
6 AM26°26°Clear2%84%NNE at 2mph
7 AM27°27°Sunny2%79%NNE at 3mph
8 AM32°27°Sunny1%68%NNE at 4mph
9 AM35°32°Sunny0%56%NNE at 4mph
10 AM38°35°Sunny0%47%NNE at 4mph
11 AM41°38°Sunny0%42%N at 5mph
12 PM44°41°Sunny0%39%NNW at 6mph
1 PM46°43°Sunny0%38%NNW at 7mph
2 PM48°44°Sunny0%37%NNW at 8mph
3 PM48°44°Sunny0%37%NNW at 9mph
4 PM48°44°Sunny0%38%NNW at 9mph
5 PM45°42°Sunny0%43%NNW at 7mph
6 PM42°39°Clear1%51%NNW at 4mph
7 PM38°35°Clear2%59%N at 4mph
8 PM36°33°Clear2%65%N at 3mph
9 PM34°32°Clear3%68%N at 3mph
10 PM33°33°Clear4%72%N at 3mph
11 PM31°31°Clear5%76%N at 2mph
12 AM30°30°Clear6%81%NNE at 2mph
1 AM29°29°Clear6%81%NNE at 1mph
2 AM29°29°Clear7%83%NNE at 1mph
3 AM28°28°Clear7%85%NNE at 1mph
4 AM28°28°Clear7%85%N at 2mph
5 AM27°27°Clear7%87%N at 2mph
6 AM28°28°Clear7%86%NNE at 2mph
7 AM29°29°P Cloudy6%82%NNE at 1mph
8 AM33°33°M Sunny3%71%NE at 2mph
9 AM36°36°M Sunny2%64%NE at 2mph
10 AM40°37°M Sunny1%59%NNW at 4mph
11 AM43°40°M Sunny0%53%NW at 5mph
12 PM45°42°M Sunny0%48%NW at 6mph
1 PM47°43°M Sunny0%44%NW at 8mph
2 PM48°44°M Sunny0%42%NNW at 8mph
3 PM48°44°P Cloudy0%40%NNW at 9mph
4 PM47°43°M Sunny0%42%NNW at 9mph
5 PM45°41°M Sunny0%46%N at 8mph
6 PM41°38°Clear1%53%N at 5mph
7 PM38°34°Clear1%55%NNE at 5mph
8 PM35°32°Clear2%59%NNE at 4mph
9 PM33°30°Clear2%61%NNE at 3mph
10 PM32°32°Clear2%65%NE at 3mph
11 PM30°30°Clear3%70%NE at 3mph
12 AM29°29°Clear4%73%NE at 2mph
1 AM29°29°Clear4%74%ENE at 2mph
2 AM28°28°Clear5%76%E at 3mph
3 AM27°27°Clear5%78%E at 2mph
4 AM26°26°Clear5%80%E at 3mph