Incoming Purdue freshmen placed in temporary housing

By Balint Szalavari

Tue Aug 14 15:44:50 PDT 2018


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) - Purdue University is placing several incoming freshmen in temporary housing. The school is expecting enrollment to increase by around 700 students this academic year.

Makeshift dorms have been made to allow for these students to live on campus. More than 100 incoming freshmen will be forced to live in them. Several are nervous about living in such rooms, and as for parents - they aren't too happy.

107 students will start the 2018-2019 academic school year off the makeshift rooms. Smaller versions will host one or two freshmen while a larger, barrack style layout will hold 10. Our news gathering partner at the Purdue Exponent went inside these rooms and saw for themselves. 

Kierra Richards is an incoming freshman who will be living in one of 128 temporary spaces. She will be living by herself, but is happy for the privacy. "Knowing I'm by myself, it kind of helps me a little bit so I don't have to worry about 9 other people in my room and I like being by myself sometimes so it helps with studying and everything,” said Richards.

Cristin Vivian's daughter was initially placed in a temporary unit. As a parent, she wasn't pleased about the news. "I was a little upset that someone coming in from out of state that's paying the double tuition would have been put into temporary housing as opposed to someone who is a little closer,” said Vivian.

Mike Shettle, Director of Administration for University Residences understands where the frustration is coming from. "Everybody wants to know where their permanent location is going to be, so we work to get them there as quickly as possible,” said Shettle.

Despite the situation, Shettle believes on campus living is a plus. "There are great advantages to living on campus. In term of better grade point average, better opportunities for leadership, more engagement in on campus activities,” he said.

Some students will begin relocating to their permanent dorms on Monday, the first day of classes. Shettle expects to have all students relocated by mid-September, or October break at the latest.