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Logansport High School Food Pantry: Felix's Pantry

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Amy Werner is the department head of the art program at Logansport High School.

What makes Werner different, however, is how much effort she has chosen to put into her students' needs outside of school.

It all started when Werner noticed the prevalence of food insecurity amongst her students.

"We started with just a little closet and two shelves of food and it was just donations, people coming in," said Werner

Then, Covid hit and with all students being sent home, her worry only grew.

"You know, I have two kids, we have to feed these kids all day every like how are we going to do this?" said Werner.

She then decided to gather donations from restaurants.

Her efforts were so successful that the town noticed and decided to grant the school some of their Covid relief funds from the federal government and from United Way.

And thus, Felix's Pantry was born. It was named Felix, of course, after the school's mascot, Felix the cat.

The donations allowed Werner to stock an entire room.

"When we started the food bags, it was really important to me that we remove the stigma of food insecurity. And so what I did is I was like, 'I gotta come up with a catchy name!' So, I just called it Friday Fuel Up. So at the end of each Friday, the students can just pick them up," said Werner.

Werner gets help from a special needs class at the school to fill the over one hundred bags that go home to students' families in need each week.

"That helps with their job skills, learning to work together," said Werner.

The program has achieved much success, having already fed thousands of community members.

Werner's principal, Matt Jones can attest to the results of her efforts.

"I definitely see the smiles when kids leave here after school on Fridays and they pick up their sack of the goods, and it just brings a lot of pride to our school," said Jones.

More than anything, it seems Werner's character was able to make this inititiave shine through to what it is today.

"I just appreciate Amy Werner's heart so much and her ability to dream and to then create a plan of action and make something happen," said her colleague, English teacher Grace Scott.

Felix's Pantry is open to donations and hopes to expand their services to offer fresh produce in the coming year.

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