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Why egg prices are on the rise

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Egg prices on the rise

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Consumers are seeing surprisingly high egg prices at the grocery store. 

According to Darrin Karcher, there's a few reasons why we're seeing the price increase. 

“First and foremost we know we’ve had Avian Influenza, or the bird flu, this past year,” said Purdue Associate Professor and Poultry Extension Specialist, Darrin Karcher. “That took out several million birds from our production aspect of things.”

Besides Avian Influenza, Karcher said we're still dealing with supply chain issues. 

“We’re also still having some supply chain issues,” said Karcher. “Some areas of the country are experiencing egg shortages, but producers are doing their best to make sure they can get the eggs there to  where those shortages are  occurring.”

Karcher said the third reason for high egg prices is due to animal welfare regulations.

“Some states have enacted animal welfare regulations on the types of eggs that can be sold to those consumers,” said Karcher. “When you look at all three of those factors, that’s what’s really impacting the overall cost of eggs that we’re seeing across the county right now.”

Karcher says all three of those factors impact the egg prices we're seeing. Karcher says looking ahead, there is  hope. 

"Egg producers are doing their best to minimize the cost of producing those eggs to try to make sure it's not too high in the grocery store," said Karcher. “Just sit tight right now."

While egg prices remain high, Karcher says it's important to know there is not a shortage of eggs. He says it's just a matter of getting the eggs where they need to be.

"We still have roughly 300 million birds, which means it's a bird per person in the U.S. for that egg," said Karcher. "So feel confident because things will level out in the future. I just can't tell you how quickly that will happen."

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