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Man who saved children from burning home released from hospital

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union Street fire house

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A man who saved a family from a burning house on Union Street was released from the hospital on Wednesday. Nick Bostic was just driving by when he saw a house in flames.

Nick's quick thinking and action, help a Lafayette family make it out safely.

"Waking up every morning I have something to remind me of why I'm here, still alive. Why God keeps me here," said Nick. "He used me like his instrument that night and man he worked like a G."

Nick Bostic was in high spirits after being released from the hospital, happy he was there to help the night a Union street house caught on fire.

"I slammed on the brakes, I turned the steering wheel, I did a 180, I ran into the back of the house and I was yelling for anybody 4 faces, 3 or 4 faces came out the top."

Four children accompanied by their 18-year-old sister were inside.

The eldest sister was able to get three of her siblings out but one was still missing, Nick Ran back in.

"I heard a faint whine, a faint crying noise and I went down there till I found that baby," said Nick.

Due to smoke, Nick's only option was to exit from upstairs.

"I remembered seeing a window in the first room I checked for the child and I knew that would be the side to go on, that would probably be my best bet."

The child was safe but nick suffered multiple severe injuries.

"It was all worth it. I kept reminding myself what a small sacrifice. This temporary pain, oh ya it's so worth it."

The family, incredibly grateful for his actions, has remained in touch.

"They have welcomed me into their family as their own which is super cool I'm super honored for it."

Nick doesn't claim the title hero, saying he's an ordinary person who did something he would have wanted to be done for him and his family if in that position.

Bostic also shares with News 18 that he and the family plan to meet again soon and he's looking forward to it.

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