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Indiana lawmakers debate amendments to Senate Bill One

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INDIANAPOLIS (WLFI) — The Indiana General Assembly continued to debate Senate Bill One on Thursday. The proposed bill to ban nearly all abortions in the state.

Lawmakers still disagree over how much to restrict access as a final vote on the bill looms in the lower chamber.

With a final vote likely coming in the next day or two, the Indiana House convened today to offer amendments on Senate Bill One.

Lawmakers filed more than 80 amendments on the bill and have been discussing several of them on the floor for hours. The lower chamber has rejected a majority of the amendments that were proposed.

Republican Representative Cindy Ziemke proposed amendment 32. The amendment would have kept elective abortions legal for up to 13 weeks. Though several Democrats spoke on the floor in support of Ziemke's amendment, it ultimately failed with a 64 to 34 vote.

On the other end of the spectrum, Republican Representative J Davisson proposed an amendment to eliminate the exception for fatal fetal anomalies. Davisson argued the narrative needs to change when thinking about the exceptions.

"Often we use numbers and words to simplify this very complicated subject. And I think that we try to oversimplify it. And in that we de-humanize what we're really talking about," said Davisson

Davisson's amendment failed 65 to 35.

Democratic Representative Robin Shackleford proposed amendment 54, which would have required businesses to provide workplace accommodations for pregnant employees.

Representative Sharon Negele spoke against the amendment saying she agrees the accommodations are needed but should be discussed in greater detail during a full legislative session.

The House is also scheduled to hold a second reading on Senate Bill Two today.

Should the session go past midnight, any votes on Senate Bills One and Two would have to wait until at least Saturday.

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