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Delphi FFA students help community members through work auction fundraiser

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The Delphi FFA program is hosting a work auction tonight to help community members

 CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — FFA members at Delphi Community High School are ready to help the community.

Community members looking for a helping-hand are encouraged to attend the Delphi FFA Work Auction tonight.

Community members, and local businesses, can hire the talented FFA members for an 8-hour workday.

Delphi FFA Advisor, Taylor Plank, says all of the proceeds will benefit their program. 

“Whether that's laying mulch, or helping with animals, or maybe its baling hay, it’s a great opportunity for us to give back to the community and rather than someone just buying a discount card that they'll never use,” said Plank. “They're able to actually get work out of us and actually get to meet our members and our members get to build relationships with the people they work with.”

Plank says the Work Auction has gained a lot of popularity over the years.

He says it’s always rewarding to see the FFA students help the community.

"It's a great opportunity not just for the community to kind of get some help and gather extra hands,” said Plank. “But also for our members to go out and maybe experience something they haven't before."

Plank says the community connections and real-world work experience the FFA members gain is beyond important. 

"It gives those kids experience,” said Plank. “They could possibly pursue into a career if they were to go help with a landscaping company or if they were to go help somebody in the animal industry."

After previously participating, landing a job is exactly what happened to Senior Emily Mears.

"The guy who hired me used me a lot in the spring and summer getting the planter ready for seasons and everything,” said Mears. “It's turned into a job, so I'm on payroll now."

Junior students, Lacey and Lannon Pickering, are both FFA Officers. They’re looking forward to participating in the FFA Work Auction again this year.

Lannon says it’s something that makes Delphi’s FFA program special.

“It’s really added on to our FFA program,” said Lannon. “I feel like it’s building our FFA program higher and higher.”

Last year, Lannon and Lacey were both hired through the FFA Work Auction.

Lannon was hired by a local couple to help them move.

“I moved couches, furniture and all sorts of things for them,” said Lannon. “I helped them build their new house and just helped them out in general because they are an older couple.”

 His sister Lacey was hired by a local pig farmer to help operate the business.

“He silently donated money,” said Lacey. “I was able to work for him and get into 4-H and do more livestock judging through him.” 

Lacey and Lannon have seen the benefits the Delphi FFA Auction provides students.

They’re looking forward to participating again and encourage community members to attend.

"Some kids are not looking to go to college right after school,” said Lacey. “So getting these opportunities through the work auction and being able to go back to these people and be like ‘I worked for you before could you possibly give me a recommendation letter or could  I get a job with you’, it's just another way for them to better plan their future."

The pork BBQ dinner starts at 6:00. The Work Auction begins at 6:45 at Delphi Community High School Commons Area.

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