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Purdue fans say Boilers are Final Four bound

Purdue fans are keeping the faith with their Boilers and predicting they will make it to the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament

Posted: Mar 20, 2019 11:28 PM
Updated: Mar 22, 2019 3:48 PM

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Purdue fans are keeping the faith with their Boilers and predicting they will make it to the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament. 

It's always interesting to hear things from the fan's perspective, especially the students who invest so much of their time cheering on the Boilers.

"Ideally, I think they will get to the Final Four," said Purdue student and fan Patrick Sullivan.

"I think they can get to the Final Four honestly," said Purdue student and fan Delaney Tejcek.

I have Purdue going to the Final Four," said Purdue student and fan Judah Kitchel.

"I have them in the Final Four," said Purdue student and fan Maryanne Gillen

The Final Four is a coveted spot in the bracket. The Boilermakers haven't made it their since the inception of the 64 team bracket in 1985.

But this year Purdue fans are elated with this draw.

"I was so excited because I never made a bracket before and I actually made a bracket for this," said Tejcek.

"With the Minnesota loss I was extremely happy with our seeding but a little worried we might have been over placed in the bracket for this, so I was like I have Purdue to win," said Kitchel.

"I remember when I was younger, people would be like Purdue sucks and I kind of joined that bandwagon but now that I'm here I'm like Purdue is great," said Purdue fan and student Fehintolu Odelowo.

Purdue is great especially at home inside Mackey Arena. The Boilers did not suffer defeat one time inside the venue this year. Fans wish the Boilers could play in the venue during the big dance.

"Purdue Basketball, I just cant ever get my mind around how loud Mackey Arena is," said Sullivan.

"It makes you feel a part of Purdue no matter what you're major is or where you're from and everything because everyone is in there cheering on Purdue together," said Gillen.

Together these fans are confident.

"We're always the number one team in the conference and it doesn't matter how well we are doing," said Kitchel.

"Boiler Up!" said Odelowo.

Boiler up is the rallying cry for Boilermakers around the country. Indiana may be the Hoosiers, but fans are ready to change that.

"Every time someone says Indiana, people think of Hoosiers and now hopefully we can make them think of Boilermakers," said Tejcek

There is a countless amount of fans rooting for Purdue and a countless amount of memories to be made for the Boilers.

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