Medical scam reaches Carroll County

Every day for about a year, Sherri Hinton hears them ring.

Posted: Dec. 6, 2018 7:30 PM
Updated: Dec. 7, 2018 9:40 AM

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Every day for about a year, Sherri Hinton hears them ring.

"They've called as late as ten o'clock at night, they got mad at us one day and they called all day long," said Hinton.

It all started with this unsolicited back brace.

"Two Velcro straps and a piece of hard plastic in here," said Hinton.

Hinton doesn't need it, want it and she certainly isn't going to pay for it.

"They said I'll take you to court and I said be my guest, take me to court, that would make my day," said Hinton.

Sometimes, she gets a sense of humor with them. Like when they ask about back problems she doesn't have.

"I said no sir, I'm sorry, I said I run marathons now and I said I do competitive weight lifting for my age division," said Hinton. 

But other times, the callers get mean and quite personal.

"They know every member of my family's name, even our deceased daughter's name," said Hinton.

She says they use it against her when she doesn't give them her medical information.

"I cried the day they called and cussed my daughter, yeah, that hurt," said Hinton

It's happening to her friends and family too.

"And they're like oh, I get those calls all the time too, isn't that awful?" said Hinton. 

Though she hasn't met anyone who has shared their medical information yet, she knows they wouldn't do it if they weren't making money.

"There's people that are probably older who may be falling for this and that's sad!" said Hinton.

The paperwork they send with the brace looks legitimate. It requests medical information, gives a U.S. address and even asks the customer to fill out a survey at the end.

"They don't want me to do a customer survey," said Hinton.

It's not like Hinton can block their number, they use local ones disguised as family members or neighbors. She's on all of the 'no call' lists and has reported it to various agencies. She's thought about changing her number or getting rid of her phone altogether.

"But then I thought why should I have to do that?" said Hinton. "I shouldn't have to do that to make these people leave me alone."

Tippecanoe County Prosecutor Patrick Harrington says unfortunately, there's not much authorities can do to stop the calls.

But they do want to know when it hits locally so they can warn others.

Harrington says these cases are tough to prosecute because most of these calls are coming from overseas.

Call Adult Protective Services in Tippecanoe County if this is happening to you 765-420-1588

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