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Local Weather History: Independence Day Weather

A Look Back at the Extreme July 4ths.

Posted: Jul 4, 2019 9:48 PM
Updated: Jul 4, 2019 11:00 PM

Our July 4th, 2019 highs ran 87-93 with heat indices in the 90s to around 100.

Some storms popped, especially in the west.  Sustained wind of 30 mph was measured at the Kentland Airport with a gust to 35 mph when a storms passed this evening.

Leading edge of the rain-cooled air (shelf cloud) from the Benton & Warren County showers/storms as it moves into Lafayette just prior to the fireworks:

Years past have been more extreme, though!



Courthouse Square 1854........1865...........1869-1874 (highly-broken record)


Purdue University 1879-1953

Purdue Agronomy Farm 1954-Present

Hottest High Temperature:  104 - 1911

Coolest High Temperature:  68 - 1882

Warmest Low Temperature:  76 - 1897, 1921, 1999

Coolest Low Temperature:  43 - 1963 (78/43) after 96 on July 2 in 8-day stretch of 90s to near 100).

(Amidst drought with 15-day dry stretch with only 0.34" rain over a 24-day period [fell on June 20])

Biggest Temperature Spread: 38 - High/Low 95/57 - 1886

(Amidst 15-day stretch of dry weather with short-term drought developing....only 0.30" [on June 22] over a 20-day period)

Smallest Temperatures Spead: 4 - High/Low 72/68 - 1869

(0.70" of rainfall on the same day)

Highest Mean Temperature:  87.5 - 1911 (High/Low 104/71)

Lowest Mean Temperature:  61.0 - 1892 (High/Low 73/49)

Wettest:  3.36" - 1979

Occurred as a slow-moving MCC (high-reaching, cold topped complex of torrential storms) in the early morning hours.

Remnants of Hurricane Bob & Tropical Storm Claudette with this MCC led to 6-10" rainfall totals for July 1979.

Greatest Amount of Severe Weather:  2003

A fast-moving squall line raked part of the area with widespread damaging winds of 60-80 mph in the 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. time frame. 

Numerous trees & powerlines were downed from Newton & Jasper, through White, Cass, Pulaski, Fulton, Miami, Carroll & Howard counties.  A gust of 80 mph was measured in southern Miami County, while damage was reported in all sections of Fulton & Cass counties. 

A home lost its roof near Chili, in Miami County, while a tree fell on a mobile home just north of Rochester, killing a 27-year old man.

A silo was blown down in southern Howard County.

Significant flooding followed on July 5 with with torrential, flooding storms training over the area.  Another round of significant, torrential, training storms on July 8, resulted in up to +15" of rainfall falling in that 4-day period.

The result was historic & disastrous flooding with record flooding on Wea & Wildcat Creeks with significant flooding also on the Wabash River.

2003 was the "Year of the Flood" in recent memory with heavy rainfall & flooding occurring in spring, then again in July.  Floods followed with heavy rainfall on Labor Day weekend.

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