February 27, 10 PM Weather Forecast Update

Here is the latest on a few more snow showers & then wet weather ahead.

Posted: Feb 27, 2020 4:18 PM
Updated: Feb 27, 2020 10:30 PM

After a few localized light dustings of new snow, we now just have a few flurries left in our far northeast, east & far south.

Clearing skies are also in progress over a good chunk of the area.  Our lows will drop to 8-17 with wind chills to -5 to 8.

It is a rough drive along I-70 tonight from Indianapolis to Columbus, Ohio with locally-heavy snow showers training right atop the interstate corridor.

A very narrow corridor of 1-2" accumulation could develop in that zone.

Another area of snow (albeit lighter) is training across south-central Illinois to northwest of Louisville.

We will cloud up tomorrow morning, especially in the southern half of the area.

Wave of some snow showers is likely morning & right into afternoon before tapering in the evening.

Best potential & coverage will tend to run south of a Fowler to Lafayette to Clark's Hill to Lebanon line.

Local less than 1" accumulations are possible south of that line.

We will monitor & make sure this does not shift north or a 1-2" narrow band develop.

Highs will run 26-30 with brisk northwest wind at 10-20 mph.

Winds diminish tomorrow night & with a clear sky & snow pack, lows of -1 to 12 are possible.

The colder of the air (near 0 to single digits) will tend to occur in pockets over the area.

Multiple periods of rainfall are likely Sunday night-early Wednesday with a total of 1-2" possible for the viewing area.

The corridor of heaviest rainfall with +6" totals is still expected south & southeast of our area.

Severe weather is possible Texas to Virginia Tuesday-Thursday of next week (likely ENHANCED RISK).  Isolated or MARGINAL RISK of severe may get as far north as the Lower Ohio Valley.

Temperatures will reach the 50s with the rain.  Prior to this, Saturday looks mostly sunny & warmer at 35-40, followed by 53-57 Sunday with increasing clouds & windy conditions (southwest winds to 30 mph).

Much colder weather will arrive late next week.

There are signs of a spring burp with brief 60s around March 10.  However, it looks very wet overall in the March 9-11 time frame with potential of 1-2.5" of rainfall. 

This could bring isolated severe risk as far north as central & eastern Illinois, knocking at our back door.  SLIGHT RISK parameters are showing up Missouri to Louisiana, eastern Texas, eastern Oklahoma & southeastern Kansas.

Rivers, creeks & streams will be chronically high & often above flood stage not only next week, but through mid & even late March to early April. 

There will also likely be field ponding frequently now to early April.

There some opportunity for a brief wet snow after that with a couple spurts of cold.

Note how as we just begin to warm as we get closer to March 10, the cold will be building in Canada.  That is the piece that may come in just behind this brief spurt of spring.

However, with time, WARMTH & CONTINUED WETNESS will dominate.

A period in latter March looks warm with highs in the 70s with some nights potentially not even dropping below 60. 70s may reach Nebraska & Iowa & even New Hampshire & Maine may see 70.

This will occur as a series of significant, cold systems batter the West with mountain blizzard conditions & flooding rainfall in California with even a MARGINAL RISK severe weather day or two.

Rainfall looks above normal with severe weather risk from the Plains to the Midwest developing.

We may get in on some of the severe weather, as well.

Colder temperatures with freezing should return as we get to the start of April, it appears at this point.

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