February 13, 4:15 PM Weather Forecast Update

The latest on snowfall totals, the cold & blowing & drifting snow.

Posted: Feb 13, 2020 3:38 PM
Updated: Feb 13, 2020 6:03 PM

Significant record cold has occurred in the past 24 hours west of our area.  Note some records breaking all-time February monthly record low temperatures with brutal cold Oklahoma to Canada & Montana to Missouri.

On the other hand, all-time February records have fallen in parts of the Southeast.

Jacksonville, Florida hit 90, Titusville, Florida 90, while Savannah, Georgia saw 86!  Even eastern & northeastern North Carolina reached as high as 84.  Much of the Florida Peninsula was 86-89.

It is indeed a nation of extremes right now!

The intense Southeast subtropical ridge with the heat is helping to buffer the worst of the cold.  This is likely preventing us from completely bottoming out.

It was as low as -36 this morning in northern Minnesota.  Temperatures reached below 0 to central Missouri.

There is considerable blowing & drifting snow over the area as temperatures continue to fall.  Even where it is not snowing, some rural open areas have greatly-reduced visibility at times.

Hazy/foggy look from blowing snow in Benton County near Earl Park.  Weather cam image courtesy of Hamilton Farms.

Visibility has been varying at this location from 0.75-2 miles for the past few hours.

Temperatures are 14 to 22 west to east over the area with wind chills as low as -5.

Here at the station, I have 16 with a wind chill of 0.

Wind gusts have run anywhere from 24-36 mph with sustained winds as high as 25 mph.

With this, there is some snow still falling.

Areas of snow are moving southeastward.  The heaviest is over Fulton County with some of it falling at near 1" per hour.

Less than 1" of snow will occur over a chunk of the area this evening, but areas of Fulton, far eastern Pulaski, northern Cass, northern Miami counties may see another 1-2" of snow.  Up to 1" may occur in northeastern Newton & far northern Jasper counties.

So, between roads freezing up already, the blowing & drifting & some new snow accumulation, watch for slippery travel conditions!

These are the snowfall totals (2-5") reported as of 3 p.m. with a little more added to some of these this evening to early tonight:


Some clearing with any snow diminishing with time.  Areas of blowing & drifting snow.  Breezy to windy with northwest wind 10-30 mph.  Low -10 to 2.  Wind chills -25 to -10.


Mostly sunny with the wind diminishing.  High 9-17.  Wind chills to -10 early.


Tricky temperature forecast in store.  Clear skies & calm initially.  This may cause temperature to absolutely crash over this snow pack in the evening to less than -10 in places.  Now, a south-southwest wind will kick up with time & temperatures will rise to 8-15, but how cold we get will be determined as to when that wind kicks up as the Arctic high pushes to the east.

If it is slower, we may see some impressive lows before 1 a.m. of -20 to -5.  If it kicks in quickly, then lows will run more like -5 to 7.

Either way, temperatures will rise, but the wind may still bring wind chills down briefly to -20 to -10 late Friday night to early Saturday morning..


Becoming mostly cloudy.  Windy with blowing & drifting snow with southwest winds 20-35 mph.  High 34-38 late.


Cloudy with scattered snow, sleet & rain showers.  Breezy to windy with southwest winds 15-30 mph.  Potential for some snow rollers.  Temperatures around 32-37.  Any snow/sleet accumulation looks localized & light.


Mostly cloudy & breezy to windy with west to northwest winds 15-30 mph & temperatures falling to 28-31 late in the day.


Partly to mostly cloudy with wind going calm, then turning to east-southeast at 5-8 mph.  Lows of 23-27 are likely.


Cloudy with rain developing.  Breezy to windy with southeast wind becoming south-southeast, then south, then south-southwest late at 20-30 mph.  Temperature rising to 35-40 by noon, then 40-45 by 5 p.m.  High of 46-51 likely around 11:59 p.m.


Rain & windy with south-southwest winds 20-33 mph.  Temperature rising to 48-56 by 6 a.m.


Cloudy with rain ending as period of sleet & snow by midday-early afternoon.  Any accumulation would be localized & light.  High 48-56 falling to 32-37 by midday, then 27-32 by early evening.  Windy with west to northwest winds 20-40 mph.


Mostly cloudy with a few flurries.  Windy with northwest winds 20-40 mph.  Low 15-20 with wind chills -5 to 5.


Partly cloudy & windy with northwest winds 20-35 mph.  Highs 19-25 with wind chills 0-10.


Partly cloudy with a low of 9-17.  Winds diminishing to west to west-southwest at 5-10 mph.  Wind chills near -3 to 8.


Mostly cloudy to cloudy & breezy to windy with some scattered snow showers possible.  Highs of 25-32 are possible with southwest to west, then northwest winds gusting potentially up to 32 mph.  Any accumulation looks light at this point.

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