February 13, 1 PM Weather Forecast Update

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Posted: Feb 13, 2020 11:57 AM
Updated: Feb 13, 2020 12:56 PM

Of the totals received, they are all running 2-5" over the viewing area as of 12:09 p.m.

The 3.5" measured here at the WLFI ob site is the highest snowfall total for one system this Fall-Winter season of 2019-20.

I will have a complete map of totals up once all snow winds down early overnight.

Also, I plan to get a current Fall-Winter 2019-20 snowfall map together to show where we area as compared to normal.


Periodic snow continues to pivot through parts of the area.

Band of lake effect will also eventually swing through today before it all tapers down by early overnight.

An additional 1" or less of accumulation is possible for the area with some isolated 1-2" in the lake effect in the far north.

The gusty northwest winds & bitter cold are now coming in with blowing & drifting snow.  This blowing & drifting snow will continue into part of tonight.  This will make for sections of some roads completely re-covered in snow or make for swaths of very slippery conditions.

Gusts of up to 32 mph have been measured at the Purdue Airport.  Gusts so far have varied from 21-35 over the viewing area.

Temperatures are dropping quickly.  As of 12:10 p.m. they vary from 18 in our far western fringe to 32 in the far east. 

We are now 24 at West Lafayette, but it is 20 at Fowler & 18 at Kentland.  Watch for roads freezing up & becoming slippery.

Wind chills are now dropping to 0 in the far western parts of the area.

Watch the cold overspread the area rapidly through the afternoon & evening (actual air temperature):

Depending on how much clearing any one location receives, lows of -10 to 1 are likely tonight with wind chills -25 to -10 generally.

Tomorrow may be mostly sunny with much less wind, but it will be bitter with highs 8-17.

Friday evening's lows are tricky.

If we can stay clear & calm long enough over this snowpack then -20 to -10 could occur in places before 1 a.m. (with otherwise -9 to -2 lows).  However, if the south-southeast wind kicks in too quickly, it will not get as cold & will fail to tank so much.

Regardless, temperatures will rise with time overnight with 9-15 expected by Saturday AM.  However, the winds from the south-southeast will continue to increase, resulting in wind chills of -12 to -8 & resumption of some blowing & drifting snow.

Winds may eventually gust +30 mph at times Saturday with much blowing & drifting as clouds increase.

Late highs of 34-39 are likely.  Still holding out for potential of some snow rollers!

It appears that clipper & front will pass Saturday night-early Sunday morning with brief wave of snow/sleet/rain.

Any snowfall accumulation would be localized & very minor.

Temperaturs should fall Sunday from 34-39 early in the morning to 29-32 by late afternoon.

Rain is likely Monday PM to early Tuesday (before ending as brief snow).  Potential is there for 1" of rainfall for a chunk of the area atop snow-covered, partially-frozen, saturated ground.  This could lead to substantial rises on creeks & streams with ice jamming some of those streams up a bit.

Heaviest rainfall is shaping up south of our area, however.

This scenario is shaping up to be a flood event from Texas to the Carolinas with a lot of the deep moisture being intercepted by this flooding rainfall.

Flooding will only get worse in the Southeast, where rivers & streams are very to extremely high.

Colder air will race in, resulting in falling temperatures Tuesday.

Note the Arctic high building in behind system with Arctic front/clipper moving in Wednesday night-Thursday AM with brief snow.

Note the warm surge coming in Monday night-Tuesday morning on strong southwest winds (but note the cold looming northwest of our area with afformentioned surface Arctic high behind our Arctic front/clipper).

With below normal temperatures dominating late February to early- & even mid-March, there will be opportunities for additional snowfall in the coming weeks.

There is plenty more cold to be had.

These are projected low temperatures on the morning of March 10 (with a projected snow pack):

I think the first real spring day where you can get out for a walk with sunshine & 60s to 70 will not occur until after March 20 at this point.

Hopefully it is sooner than that, however.

Winter will have a handle on us it appears right up to St. Patrick's Day.  Any sort of warm-up should be brief with cold looming not far away, just waiting to come back southeastward.

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