DNR could move power lines to Farm at Prophetstown

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is in the process of deciding whether to put power lines at Prophetstown State Park.

Posted: Nov 1, 2018 6:52 PM
Updated: Nov 2, 2018 11:02 AM

BATTLE GROUND, Ind (WLFI) — Many people worry power lines would completely destroy the integrity of a 1920s style farm at Prophetstown State Park.

A letter writing campaign is already underway to stop it.

"When you drive in there, it's like you are going back in time, it really is," explained Dave Sattler. 

Sattler is one of many who enjoys what the Farm at Prophetstown has to offer.

"I mean you've got chickens running around, you've got ducks and it is just magical," said Sattler. "You go into the house and you feel like you are at your Grandma's house, it is just really really neat there."

When he heard the Indiana Department of Natural Resources could be relocating power lines there, he couldn't believe it. 

"I thought why would they even consider that?" said Sattler. 

Duke Energy gave DNR three potential locations for the power lines. It can put them on the farm, it can build them on land DNR plans to develop or, DNR can purchase new land for the lines.

Moving the power lines to the farm would be the cheapest for DNR. 

However, Prophetstown Board President Steve Dietrich hopes DNR considers how long the park is going to be around.

"It's going to out live all of us, we are talking about hundreds of years," said Dietrich. "A few hundred thousand dollars for that period of time to do the right thing and get things set up doesn't seem to be out of the question to me."

"I just hope everybody who has a feeling about this and hates to see that happen, politely says, you know? I don't think that's a good idea," said Sattler. 

"We're still hoping they come up with some new alternative that satisfies everybody or can make ends meet," said Dietrich. 

DNR has until November 9 to make a decision.

We reached out to DNR for comment, “DNR is working with all parties—including local and state partners, along with the utility—to identify the best solution.”

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