Family realizes late artist's dream with Bikelantis documentary

One Lafayette family is making a man's dream come true, four years after his passing.

Posted: Apr 27, 2018 7:28 PM

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) - One Lafayette family is making a man's dream come true, four years after his passing.

For two years Emmanuel "Manny" Cervantes had been working on a documentary called Bikelantis. It showcases cycling communities in various cities around the country. Before it was finished, Manny tragically died in a fire. Finishing Bikelantis was Manny's dream and it's a dream his family and friends were able to make happen.

Manny died in a fire at an old school building that was being renovated in Farmington, Illinois back in 2014. Police are still investigating his death and it remains an open case even today.

At that point, Manny had completed filming Bikelantis and was already in the early stages of post productions. His friends and family were able to retrieve the footage from his computer to continue his project and complete the documentary.

Manny's sister Cynthia Vinasco said Friday's premiere will help bring some closure.

"I remember going to the church and we didn't have complete answers. We didn't even know for sure if that was his body. We were having a service and I remember thinking, this doesn't feel right," said Vinasco. "But today feels right. Today feels like finally, we have something proper, finally we have something honorable and memorable."

It took the film's producer, Luis Villamizar, four years to put it together. He said it's been a long journey, but he's looking forward to the impact it will have.

"It's definitely going to be emotional," said Villamizar. "I'm probably going to cry a couple of times and I've seen it a bunch of times of course editing it. But I think it's going to be a great emotional time just for everybody to come together."

Bikelantis is playing at Carnahan Hall. The documentary will air throughout the weekend.

Bikelantis Screenings & Events: Full Details:

Film Screenings:

Friday, April 27th Bikelantis - Film Screening & Event Doors Open 7:00pm
Sunday, April 29th First Screening Doors Open 11:30am
Sunday, April 29th Second Screening Doors Open 5:30pm

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