FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY: Roasting, Toasting and Baking for the community

This local food truck is serving up good food with even greater faith.

Posted: Jul 12, 2019 7:21 AM
Updated: Jul 12, 2019 9:23 AM

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind, (WLFI)- This week's Food Truck Friday is meaty, cheesy and wholesome.

The owner and chef of Roasted, Toasted and Baked has so much energy. Jordan Mirick said having fun is just as important as the food being served.

Mirick always serves food with a smile and a "God bless."
Roasted, Toasted and Baked is feeding the people of Greater Lafayette with its comfort food.

"I can't even put words to it unless you try it because it's just so good," said Cortney Henry, a frequent customer at RTB.

"The pork is mainly smoked with the apple and cherry wood that we chop, and then the brisket gets hit with a little bit of oak."

Jordan Mirick has been in the kitchen since he was 14-years-old, but he was getting burned out on the race.

"My career and my 90-hour workweek needed to stop and I needed to relax a little bit," he said.

Mirick said God made that realization clear to him.

"So He kind of helped me and He guided me towards this. There was definitely a lot of struggle and a lot of fight for me but always ends up for the best," Mirick said. "And I get lots of time with my family and that's important and I can help with the community a little bit too."

RTB is filling others up, but not just their stomachs.

"We got a 67 right here, 67 percent. In 2012 when they did the census here, 67 percent of people actually check marked no religion. So our goal was to love the percent that have no religion," Mirick said.

"Serving our community is a big motto of the church. It's not so much that the church is a building as the church is a group of people that go out and do things."

RTB never re-uses food. It's made fresh every day, and customers can tell.

"Their mac and cheese is homemade, it's amazing. They top it with that pulled pork, some barbecue, ugh," Cortney Henry said.

When the day is done, the food isn't.

"We like to take things to kitchens, we drop things off for people like leftover pork, hotdogs for kids and stuff like that, teen reach we do a lot with them, Mirick said. "I just have so much fun serving people."

"The guys that work it they're just so friendly and personable. I mean they're members of the community and they're giving back to the community with food and who doesn't love food," Henry said.
"Even if the people aren't that close, good food will always bring people together," Mirick said.

One of the employees that was working on the truck said the reason he started working for RTB was because of the food. He said when he had his first bite of the pork mac and cheese he loved it so much that he was like, wow I really want to work here.

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