Curley's Neighborhood Bar has a new reputation

Hideaway Bar and Grill in Lafayette is no more. It's now known as Curley's Neighborhood Bar.

Posted: Sep 11, 2018 6:46 PM

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) - A Lafayette bar with a once bad reputation is turning over a new leaf this year.

As we previously reported in 2015, the Hideaway Bar and Grill on Teal Road was troubled. Police were repeatedly called there for fights and gun shots.

Tim Folyer became part-owner in 2017. He took sole ownership at the beginning of this year. It's now called Curley's Neighborhood Bar.

Folyer is making sure it stays safe from riffraff.

"Years ago, it was Curley and Blondie's Hideaway and it actually had a really great reputation as a local neighborhood bar," Folyer. 

Travis Abston has been a regular at this bar for about ten years. He's happy with the changes here. 

"It's safe, before, I quit coming in because it got a little bit, dicey," said Abston. "Seeing that the name isn't in the news every weekend sure helps."

New rules help as well.

"I have zero tolerance for shenanigans," said Folyer. "People that come in here have a good time."

All customers must wear pants around their waist and undershirts worn as shirts aren't allowed. Folyer said most people enjoy and respect the new rules.

"Everybody is welcome at Curley's," said Folyer. "There's not a single person that is not welcome here until they give me a reason to make them not welcome here."

Folyer is a two- time military veteran and a former police officer.

"If you fight in here, you're out for good. I mean, it's a lifetime ban," said Folyer. "If you're caught doing anything illegal in here, it's a lifetime ban."

But for those looking to behave, there's a lot to do here.

"We still have bands in here, we have APA which is Amateur Pool Association," explained Folyer. 

They also have daily specials like Taco Tuesday.

He wants people to feel at home here and take the new name to heart.

"A neighborhood bar is a very comfortable feeling, it's your neighborhood's bar," said Folyer. "Come on in and see us."

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