City plans to fix visibility along West Lafayette median

A West Lafayette median is a cause for concern among area drivers.

Posted: Mar. 7, 2018 4:31 PM
Updated: Mar. 7, 2018 8:34 PM

WEST LAFAYETTE — A West Lafayette median is a cause for concern among area drivers.

The city engineer said several complaints have been received about a lack of visibility, but that's not the only problems drivers have with the median on Salisbury Street.

News 18 spoke with several drivers who told me they've either hit it themselves or saw someone else do it.

Now the city is working to fix the problem by making it more visible, but drivers say they'd like to see more done.

"It's been a change that's been a little confusing," said driver Melissa Flack.

It's a change that has only been in place since November, but drivers in West Lafayette said something needs to be done about this median on Salisbury Street.

"They need to have some kind of lights or paint it neon pink so drivers can see it during the night or whatever since there's no lighting around here," said driver Eric Carney.

West Lafayette Engineer Ed Garrison said the city is on it.

"We addressed it with the developer already," said Ed Garrison. "That these need to be taken care of, but now we're going to be meeting with them again to rehash everything that needs to be done and start talking about an action plan."

Yellow paint on the median's edges and striping will allow for better visibility.

In the meantime, Garrison says he is working to get cones placed, but the lack of visibility isn't the only thing bugging drivers.

"It's difficult to get into these businesses," said Flack. "I've seen other people swerve around it as well. So, I can see where it's an issue."

"If people are trying to get into like Greek's Pizza or CVS, they need to have some kind of cut out for them or something because it's illegal to make a u-turn," said Carney. "You have to pull into somewhere and turn around then turn around."

Garrison said there is a reason for that--considering the median's proximity to Sagamore Parkway.

"It's strictly to be able to keep traffic moving in and out of the intersection as smoothly as possible," Garrison added.

Garrison said he plans to have a formal meeting with the developer as early as this week.

Crews have not been able to paint due to the weather, but he said he hopes to have the new lines done within the next few weeks.

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