Can We Make It Three Snowy Saturdays in a Row? Possibly.

More wintry weather is ahead.

Posted: Jan 20, 2019 3:45 PM
Updated: Jan 20, 2019 4:50 PM

It looks like a bitterly cold night where lake effect clouds are completely gone.  Latest analysis suggests, some may hang around until 3 a.m., but it will be highly variable on who is cloudy, partly cloudy & who is clear up to that point. 

Where the lake effect clouds are, some flurries & snow showers may occur.  Dusting/coating of snow is possible in places.  Best chance of a fluffy, dryer lint 1" is in northeastern Newton to northern Jasper County.  Lows tonight will vary from -6 to 8.

It is 50/50 for the lunar eclipse around midnight.  Some will have the cloudiness, some will not.  The southwest & far east have the lowest potential of lake clouds around midnight.

Image courtesy:  Sky & Telescope

Next big system is Tuesday evening-Tuesday night-Wednesday.

Blowing & drifting snow is likely Monday evening, night & to Tuesday morning with gusts 30-40 mph from the south then southwest with sustained 15-25 mph winds.

As snow melts & get sticky, it will have less ability to blow & drift Tuesday.

After highs tomorrow teens to 20, temperatures will rise tomorrow night, then reach 36-40 by later Tuesday as skies go overcast.

Winds will peak Tuesday evening-early night from the southwest may gust 40-50 mph at times.

Wind-driven rain will overspread are late Tuesday & last into Tuesday night. 

Rain will end as brief period of wind-driven freezing rain/sleet, then snow Tuesday night-early Wednesday morning.  It would not surprise me if a quick inch, maybe 2 come out of that. 

Temperatures will quickly fall into the 20s, then fall to the teens Wednesday afternoon-evening with northwest winds 15-25 mph.

Clipper snow is possible Thursday with 20s to lower 30s.  Minor accumulation is possible.......perhaps 1-3".  Arctic front will slice through with that system.  So, after southwest winds 10-20 mph all day, temperatures could fall from 20 to -4 in two hours Thursday night with northwest winds gusting to 45 mph.  Widespread blowing/drifting snow & dangerous wind chills are possible.

We may wake up to -10 Friday morning with still 35-40 mph gusts.  Wind chills to -38 are possible.

We will be lucky to see the temperature get much above 0 Friday.  It looks windy all day with northwest gusts to 40 mph.  Wind chills will stay at -30 to -20.  A few flurries & snow showers are possible. 

Widespread blowing & drifting snow may continues right into the evening before winds relax.

Saturday is looking snowy & windy with highs only 8-20 from northeast to southwest.  Looks like band of good frontagenetical forcing north of an Alberta Clipper's warm front may result in very good snow production without much moisture in the region.

A light, powdery to fluffy decent accumulation of snow is possible.  Snow ratios may run 30:1.  Accumulations are in question.  We will see if we can make it into the sweet spot for max accumulations.  At the very least an inch or two will fall.  That may end up as the actual amount or this could be increased a lot, depending on exactly where that band of forcing sets up.

Widespread blowing & drifting snow with temperatures dropping below zero Saturday night & wind chills -30 to -20.

Looks like it could end up being the third snowy Saturday in a row!

Colder, snowier pattern will continue right into early February.  It is likely that we will see a sudden, major thaw at some point in the first 14 days of February.  This brief burst of spring will not last long before the pattern goes back cold & snowy again.

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