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Band Abercorn prepares for first TASTE of Tippecanoe performance

Abercorn is an alternative rock and pop band based in Lafayette. They will be performing at the 2019 TASTE of Tippecanoe.

Posted: Jun 7, 2019 1:31 PM
Updated: Jun 12, 2019 9:15 AM

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) - This year's TASTE of Tippecanoe is a great chance to experience the flavor of local music, and one band who is taking the stage at the TASTE for the first time.

"I couldn't believe it when we got the email saying we were playing at this year's TASTE," said the band's lead singer Daisy.

The TASTE of Tippecanoe is a festival that raises money for the Tippecanoe Arts Federation. It features local food, artists, and live music.

"I think Lafayette is a good scene for local music," said Abercorn's ukulele player, Justin Hufford. "There's a lot of good music energy going on around here."

Energy that the band is excited to experience. For Abercorn, it's been a year full of firsts.

"We played our first show last June," said Daisy. She said the members of the band had been playing together for fun when they decided to try and take their talents to the stage when they booked their first gig. "We we're so excited! We worked on that set list for about a month and a half."

The group had humble beginnings.

"Daisy and I started playing in a church band in high school and I had a drum set and she had a guitar," said drummer Josh Hufford. However, the sound of the band soon evolved into an alternative rock mixed with pop sound. Justin and Josh are twin brothers.

"I like the simplicity of the ukulele," said Justin. "Not a lot of bands have a ukulele player so I think that sets us apart."

Another thing that sets Abercorn apart is that all of the songs the band performs are original, written by Daisy.

"I had already been a writer my whole life. I had diaries, I had journals, I had quote books," she said. "I incorporated the love of writing into playing with the music I was learning."

So they had the songs, the band members, the instruments, they were booking shows, but one thing was missing: the band name. 

"We probably spent a month trying to think of a name and we couldn't come up with anything," said Josh. "Then one night I had a dream that there was a theater called the Abercorn theater incorporation and I woke up and said that's a good band name."

Josh and Justin both have full-time jobs, but Daisy decided to take a leap of faith on her dream of performing.

"I have spent so much of my life not chasing my dream and I wanted to make 2019 my year," she said. "So I quit my job on January 2nd. I decided that I was done messing around, done saying that I can't, done coming up with excuses, done saying I'm not good enough, done saying I'm scared. I'm going to do it, and so I did."

Now she gets to fulfill another dream surrounded by the band that is her family.

"I have wanted to play the TASTE since I was 14 years old, since I first picked up the guitar for the first time," she said. "The TASTE of Tippecanoe was something that happened every year and it was always this big goal that I thought I would never ever reach."

Is she nervous about taking the stage at the TASTE this year?

"I'm just so excited to go out there and feel the energy of the crowd," she said.

Abercorn will be performing on the Market Stage at 7:15 p.m. Click here to see a full schedule of live performances at the 2019 TASTE of Tippecanoe. Click here to buy your tickets for the festival.

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