Food Truck Friday: Sheepdog Coffee Company brews a new kind of cafe experience

On this week's edition of Food Truck Fridays, we're telling the story of a local truck that doesn't serve any food. Drink up!

Posted: Jul 19, 2019 1:54 PM

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI)-There's a new way to get your caffeine fix around town.

"Sheepdog coffee truck, which serves beautiful cold beverages on a hot summer day," said Shelly Foran, Marketing Director for the West Lafayette Farmers Market.

Sheepdog Coffee Company isn't a food truck.

"The snickers latte is super popular, so are our frappes, blended drinks., caramel latte, cappuccinos."

It's a drink truck. 

"Our dream was to own a coffee shop," said Nathan Biddle, Co-Owner of Sheepdog Coffee Company.

Nathan and Sarah Biddle are brewing up a new kind of coffee experience, and a new kind of truck experience.

"We didn't want to do the all white walls or all stainless steel. We wanted to give it the look and feel of going to an actual coffee shop," Biddle said.

People are noticing the extra efforts with the design.

"Look at how cute, look at how cute the truck is with the little open sign," said Foran.

"We wanted to give it that feel so that when somebody walks up to the window they're like 'hey, I'm in a coffee shop,'" Biddle said.

When the couple isn't brewing, blending or pouring drinks, they're keeping the community healthy and safe.

"With me being a police officer and [Sarah] being a nurse we see people kind of at their worst moments in life," Biddle said. "So this
gives us an opportunity to be out in the community and give somebody a smile.

Biddle said it's nice to be out in the community in a different way.

"When somebody orders a coffee, somebody orders a smoothie and when they get that cup they have a smile on their face. It's nice to see that side of people."

Many of those people ask about the German shepherd on the Sheepdog logo.

"They see our logo and they're like well that's not a sheepdog, and we have to explain well that's what they're bred to do is herd sheep and kind of protect the flock," he said. "And with me being a police officer you're always keeping a watchful eye so that's kind of where the name came from."

Although the truck serves mainly coffee, Sheepdog isn't just an option for the morning. The truck serves at a lot of late night events as well.

Biddle said they get a lot of customers who want an alternative to alcohol or people who work night shift and need a caffeine boost.

Foran said it's nice to have the Biddles around as vendors at the West Lafayette Farmers Market.

"A policeman and a nurse so we've got it covered in an emergency," Foran said.

Farmers market-goers like having them around too.

"Last week when they weren't here I got a lot of people asking where's Sheepdog are they coming back? They had only been here one time, so that's a really good sign when people are asking for you," Foran said.

"I think they're going to continue to just be a big hit, and they're doing it right so far so we like them."

You can follow Sheepdog Coffee Company on Facebook to find out where they'll be serving next! 

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