Hardware employees save a woman's life

Cody Brigham, Joe Bommarito, and Lisa Huff are all being called heroes tonight after helping to save a woman in the p...

Posted: May 18, 2018 9:32 PM
Updated: May 18, 2018 9:32 PM

Cody Brigham, Joe Bommarito, and Lisa Huff are all being called heroes tonight after helping to save a woman in the parking lot of Great Lakes Ace Hardware on Monday.

But they are brushing off that praise.

"It was pretty hectic, its one of those things where human nature kicks in," Brigham said.

It seemed like a normal day at Great Lakes Ace hardware store in Jackson, when Huff spotted a woman slumped in her vehicle in the parking lot. Brigham and Bommarito were shocked by what they saw when they checked on her.

"It looked like she was gone. We thought she was gone," Bommarito said.

Brigham told other employees to call 911 while he used a crowbar to bust the window open. After dragging the woman out, Bommarito performed CPR while Brigham relayed what dispatcher was saying.

"That's somebody's daughter. And it was the day after Mother's Day. And thank God she didn't lose her daughter, and if she had kids, thank God they didn't lose their mother," Bommarito said.

The two said they hoped anyone else would do the same.

"These are our neighbors around here. No matter what the situation is, we want to help them out. Joe was awesome with the chest compression, and the teamwork on the inside," Brigham said.

"Ace is the place. We did what we had to do. Anyone would have done it, we just happened to be the ones who were here," Bommarito said.

Sergeant Cullen Knoblauch was the first officer on the scene. He says the workers deserve all the praise they're getting.

"I would say they are heroes. They definitely went above and beyond what their job duties are, they saw a person in need and acted without even thinking about their safety," he said.

Paramedics treated the woman for a heroin overdose. Workers at Ace said they received a call from EMS saying she was going to be OK.

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