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Wolf Park hosts annual Turkey Toss

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BATTLE GROUND, Ind. (WLFI) - Some wild animals were able to celebrate Thanksgiving in their own way.

The annual Turkey Toss took place today at Wolf Park where members of the community were able to see wolves and foxes gobble up some delicious Thanksgiving-themed food.  Staff was stationed around the park to guide guests from zone to zone to provide an educational experience.

In observing how these wild animals ate their Thanksgiving treats, viewers were able to learn about the ways they eat and even store their food, emulating their behaviors in the wild.

The Executive Director of Wolf Park, Karah Rawlings said, "It was great actually with the rain and it being a holiday weekend we did have a pretty good crowd and we had a lot of fun. It's always exciting to see the wolves get their treats. We do these events around a lot of the major holidays where we throw in special treats for them and it's just fun to watch them play and get excited about those."

The staff at Wolf Park stated that it's not recommended to leave any of your own Thanksgiving leftovers outside for wild animals to enjoy as even some basic seasonings could hurt the stomachs of some wildlife.

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