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The Supreme Court upholds dropping six charges against the Barnetts

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TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) - New developments tonight in the Michael and Kristine Barnett case.  The state's appeal to the supreme court of Indiana over six felony counts dismissed by a Tippecanoe County judge was denied.

As we previously reported the former couple had been charged in a years-long investigation.

They were accused of abandoning a girl in a Lafayette apartment and then leaving for Canada.

Questions about the girls legal age were a big focus of the investigation.

The couple adopted her in 2010.

The girl, Natalia.. was born in Ukraine and entered the United States in 2008.

At the time her birth year was dated to be 2003.. however over time the couple said she was acting much older then what her birth year was originally said to be.

In June 2012, the Barnett's filed a petition in the Marion County Superior court to have her age changed.

The counts that were dismissed had to do with the neglect of a dependent based on age.

Those charges were dismissed due to the supreme court honoring the age change that was filed back in 2012.

Now only two counts remain against the Barnett's which allege neglect based on disability.

The attorney for Michael Barnett said they plan to file a motion that will dismiss those charges as well.

Once it is certified at the trial court that is the local court in Tippecanoe County once they regain jurisdiction at this point we will then move the trial court with motions challenging the last two counts.

Kinnard says they plan on filing that motion based on the fact that the believe the statue of limitations is up on the alleged crime.

He is not sure when the case will head back to Tippecanoe County.

To view the court order, click HERE.

To view the court opinion, click HERE.

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