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"Sown Together" art exhibit at Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

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LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A free art exhibit is staying at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette until the end of next month. Andrea Klutzke is not only the artist behind the exhibit, but she's the museum curator as well.

It is not common for a curator to show in their place of work, but, this exhibit was planned three years ago. Back before Klutzke had any inclination she would become the curator.

Klutzke began working on "Sown Together" as a fine arts graduate student at Purdue University.

Her sculptures may look solid from a distance, but they are actually made of fabric and soft to the touch.

"You may have heard artisits say that they allow the work to dictate what it wants to be," she said. "But I think that's more artist's intuition, and I work mostly from intuition."

She said she chose to work with fabric because it is a great unifier, since fabric touches the lives of all people in some way.

Her grandmother was very crafty and taught her to work with fabrics.

Every piece of fabric in her artwork has been touched or loved by someone.

Klutzke spent years cutting those donated fabrics and stuffing the clippings into nylon forms made to look like people. She then sculpted those three thousand-plus forms into the pieces that make up her artwork.

"I think that we, we all tend to focus on our differences and that tends to divide us," she told News 18. "I think that maybe if we all thought more about our connections, it might bring us closer together."

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