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Man allegedly killed his parents and shot at ex-wife after getting divorce papers

A Pennsylvania man shot at his ex-wife after their divorce was finalized, then drove to a retirement communi...

Arthur Mitchell, co-founder of Dance Theatre of Harlem, dies at 84

Arthur Mitchell, the trailblazing African-American dancer who called himself "...

Owner of 3D gun printing company accused of sexual assault of a child

The creator of the world's first fully printed 3D gun has been charged with sexual assault on a child in Tex...

Bill Cosby judge denies motion to recuse himself

The judge set to sentence Bill ...

Meet the Puerto Rican sisterhood reinventing the island's future after Maria

A year ago, Hurricane Maria tore into Puerto Rico, obliterating power grids, decimating farms, flattening ho...

This 94-year-old hands out chocolate bars to strangers. And people love it

Every Saturday, Bob Williams walks into a Dollar General store in Long Grove, Iowa, and buys a box of Hershe...

Police: Wisconsin shooting suspect dead

Multiple people were wounded when a gunman opened fire in a small Wisconsin city, police said. The suspect was critically injured and later died, according to Middleton Police Chief Charles Foulke.

At least three dead in Pennsylvania shooting

At least three people have been injured, including a police officer, after a reported shooting in the magistrate's office building in Masontown, Pennsylvania, according to the town's mayor.

Bill Murray Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of actor, writer and director Bill Murray.Personal:...

Police kill gunman who wounded four at municipal building in Pennsylvania

A gunman who opened fire Wednesday at a municipal building in a small Pennsylvania town was shot dead by a p...

New Jersey sex abuse victims free to tell their stories about clergy, bishops say

Victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests in New Jersey are released from any confidentiality...

Several injured in Wisconsin office shooting

Multiple people were wounded when a gunman opened fire in an office building in Middleton, Wisconsin, according to Middleton officials.

Succession: Presidential and Vice Presidential Fast Facts

Here is some background information about the line of succession for the president and vice president of the...

A week after Florence, FEMA is still having to debunk rumors and hoax stories

A little less than a week since Hurricane Florence made landfall, FEMA is still debunking reports about the ...

Millions of chickens and thousands of pigs died in Florence in North Carolina

North Carolina's poultry farms suffered significant losses in Hurricane Florence, while flooding from the st...

Wisconsin shooting leaves 3 victims seriously injured, and the suspect dead

Three people were seriously wounded Wednesday morning when a coworker open...

A California surgeon and girlfriend allegedly raped women -- and the DA fears there may be hundreds of victims

Before Grant William Robicheaux was accused of rape, he charmed audiences on a reality TV dating show, lamen...

2 women drown in back of police van swept away by Florence flooding

Two South Carolina mental health patients drowned in a prison transport van when floodwater from the afterma...

Elizabeth Smart kidnapper set to leave prison

Wanda Barzee, one of two people who abducted 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart in 2002, is set to be released after the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole unexpectedly moved up her release date from 2024.

Elizabeth Smart Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of Elizabeth Smart, children's advocate and ...

Couple accused of drugging and raping women

A well-known surgeon from Newport Beach and his girlfriend are accused of drugging and sexually assaulting two women, and Southern California authorities said they believe there could be many more victims.

Yo, ho, ho! International Talk Like a Pirate Day is upon us!

Aye maties, 'tis the day we've all been waiting for: International Talk Like a Pirate Day.But avast! ...

Climate change is making storms like Hurricane Florence worse

Extreme weather events are often pointed to as harbingers of what is to come, thanks to manmade climate chan...

5 things for September 19: Trade, Kavanaugh, Korea summit, Cameroon, Tesla

Nearly 10.7 million teens are at risk for e-cigarette use and potential addiction, and ...

Carolinas still menaced by floodwaters as Trump tours Florence 'nightmare' aftermath

Hurricane Florence's rainfall has stopped, but its "nightmare" destruction isn't over yet.On Wednesda...

Brooklyn diocese agrees to pay $27.5 million to victims of child sex abuse

The Diocese of Brooklyn and an after-school program will pay a $27.5 million settlement to four men who were...

Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper has been released from prison

Wanda Barzee, one of two people who abducted 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart in 2002 and held her captive for ni...

Family of woman who escaped from Border Patrol agent says it's a 'miracle' she's alive

Erika Peña is still fearful and shaken days after she managed to escape from the hands of a US Border Patro...

Moon: The era of no war has started

North Korean President Kim Jong-Un will shut down some nuclear and missile testing facilities as part of a wide-ranging agreement between North and South Korea. South Korean President Moon Jae-in says they have "decided to remove all threats from the entire Korean Peninsula."

A California couple is accused of drugging and raping women. Police suspect there are many more victims

A well-known surgeon from Newport Beach and his girlfriend are accused of drugging and sexually assaulting t...

Partner of Chicago police officer on trial for murder said victim was a threat

The partner of a Chicago police officer on trial for killing ...

Before-and-after aerial photos show destruction, beach erosion on North Carolina coastline

Aerial images captured the destruction Hurricane Florence inflicted on the North Carolina coastline, from li...

2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Fast Facts

Here is a look at the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season.Facts:The 2018...

Investigators are not confident they've found all Border Patrol agent's victims

Police say they have a confession from a Texas Border Patrol agent they suspect of being a serial killer, bu...

Stormy Daniels shares details of alleged affair

Stormy Daniels, the woman who sued President Trump over a hush agreement to keep her silent about their alleged sexual encounter, has written a book about her life which she says will include details of her time with Donald Trump.

Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper has been released from prison

Wanda Eileen Barzee, who helped her husband kidnap Elizabeth Smart in 2002, was released sooner than expected.

Primetime Emmys Fast Facts

Here's a look at the Primetime Emmy Awards, which recogn...

MAGIC WALL: Trump's approval drops ahead of midterms

New CNN polling shows independent voters' approval of Pres. Trump has dropped as midterm elections near.

Texas may remove Hillary Clinton from curriculum

Texas students may no longer have to learn about Hillary Clinton, Barry Goldwater and Helen Keller in social studies class. Dallas Morning News reporter Lauren McGaughy explains why.

Flooding from Florence: Maps show why the worst is not behind us

When a hurricane hits, people often focus too much on its category -- which only measures wind -- and not on...

Fear near Cape Fear rises with the river, and the death toll from Florence keeps growing

Few places in North Carolina got rain on Tuesday, but that didn't stop some bloated rivers from rising....

North Carolina barrier island evacuees can check on their property via new aerial images

New images from NOAA are giving evacuees a chance to check on their property from afar.NOAA's new "hi...

SpaceX to take billionaire on trip around the Moon

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed that Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire and founder of Zozotown -- Japan's largest online clothing retailer -- will be the first private customer to ride around the Moon on the company's Big Falcon Rocket.

Gas company donates $10 million to relief fund amid senator inquiry and class-action lawsuit

The company responsible for gas distribution in a region where a series of fires and gas explosions displace...

Chef served 80,000 free meals during Florence

The renowned chef José Andrés equipped with a team of cooks, volunteers and a ton of food, is feeding people in the Carolinas who were hit by Hurricane Florence.

2016 Presidential Election Investigation Fast Facts

Here's a look at investigations into Russian meddling during the 2016 presidential race between ...

Should the hurricane scale be expanded to a Category 6?

Some experts are renewing calls to expand the scale used to measure hurricanes by adding a sixth category ...

Florence flooding expected to last for days

Florence's merciless deluge has killed dozens, trapped hundreds and made parts of North and South Carolina impassable.

DA: US Border Patrol agent acted alone

Juan Ortiz, a US Border Patrol agent who confessed to killing four people, acted alone and attempted suicide by cop before being apprehended by police, according to Webb County officials.

Authorities: Border agent who killed 4 women knew victims

Authorities say the U.S. Border Patrol agent who killed four women knew his victims. CNN's Ed Lavandera reports from Laredo, Texas.

The biggest question for hurricane survivors is, 'What now?'

Rebuilding is not a glamorous process, and it's far from an easy one. Though Hurricane Florence has passed, ...

5 things for September 18: Kavanaugh, Emmys, Russia probe, Yemen, Korea summit

People on opposite sides of the globe are still reeling after two monster storms: ...

Texas students may not be required to learn about Helen Keller, Hillary Clinton

Texas students may no longer have to learn about Hillary Clinton, Barry Goldwater and Helen Keller in social...

Attorneys give opening statements in trial of Chicago officer charged with killing black man

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke unnecessarily fired 16 shots at ...

He served 3.6 million free meals in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Now he's feeding people hit by Florence

When disaster strikes, the Red Cross and the National Guard are always there to help. And these days, so is...

Florence leaves 'monumental disaster' -- with more trouble to come

Florence has left the Carolinas, but the death toll keeps rising as remnants of the storm generate rain, flo...

Solar observatory sheds light on security issue that forced evacuations

The mystery behind the sudden closure of New Mexico's Sunspot Solar Observatory has been revealed -- sort of...

Everyone says Chrissy Teigen's name wrong

Model Chrissy Teigen revealed that her name has been widely mispronounced and that she gave up trying to correct people years ago.

Teams check health of endangered pod as sick orca is presumed dead

Scientists are monitoring the health of a group of critically endangered orcas in the Pacific Ocean followin...

Cleanup begins in Hong Kong after Mangkhut

Cleanup is underway after Hong Kong is hammered by Typhoon Mangkhut. CNN's Will Ripley reports.

NASA names Holly Ridings its first female chief flight director

For the first time in history, a woman will serve as chief flight director of America's space agency....

Man dies after shark attack on Cape Cod

A swimmer at a Cape Cod beach died Saturday in what experts believe is the first fatal ...

Video shows floodwater fill garage

Video shows floodwater from Hurricane Florence pouring into a garage in Belhaven, North Carolina.

A city-by-city look at Florence's rain and flooding

Hurricane Florence has come and gone through North and South Carolina, but its heavy rains and storm surge h...

See inside the storm day by day

CNN Meteorologist Derek Van Dam tracked Hurricane Florence from start to finish. Here's how the hurricane unfolded from his perspective.

A teen finds a purse with $10,000 inside and returns it

Rhami Zeini was driving home from school when he spotted a black purse in the middle of the road.The ...

Firefighters pray for fallen Florence victims

A group of firefighters in Wilmington, North Carolina, knelt and prayed outside the home where a mother and her infant died when a tree fell. They were the first known deaths attributed to Tropical Storm Florence.

Authorities: Agent confesses to killings

Authorities say the US Border Patrol agent, who officials are calling a serial killer, has confessed to killing four people. CNN's Joe Johns reports.

See Florence's destruction in the Carolinas

Even as Hurricane Florence became a tropical depression and moves inland, officials say the danger of extreme flooding is high.

Video shows severe flooding in North Carolina

Drone footage shows the extent of the flooding along Interstate 95 near Lumberton, North Carolina, where Hurricane Florence dropped a record amount of rainfall on the state. (This video is silent)

Family braces for flooding after Florence

After riding out Hurricane Florence, Susan Bostic and her grandson pack up their belongings to escape flooding caused by the now-downgraded tropical storm.

'Storm of a lifetime'

For days, residents had been told to heed the warnings. ...

Laquan McDonald's family wants peace, no matter the outcome of trial for officer who killed him

Opening statements are slated to begin Monday in the trial of Chicago police officers Jason Van Dyke, charge...

There have been more than 500 reports of price gouging in North Carolina after Florence

When North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Florence, the state...

5 things for September 17: Florence. Kavanaugh. Mangkhut. The Vatican

There's quitting in the middle of a shift, and then there's this NFL cornerback who ...

Hundreds are still trapped from Florence's flooding, and 'the worst is still yet to come'

Florence's merciless deluge has already killed 18, trapped hundreds and made parts of North and South Caroli...

ICE officer arrested on multiple sodomy charges, Oregon state police say

A deportation officer with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was arrested on multiple counts of s...

Ben Carson Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Ben Carson, the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a retired neuro...

Robert Blake Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of Emmy-award winning actor ...

Residents can go home after Massachusetts explosions, but long road to 'normalcy' remains

Three Massachusetts cities are nearing a critical first step of recovery -- ensuring homes are safe and have...

US Border Patrol agent arrested in 4 deaths described as serial killer

A supervisory US Border Patrol agent who authorities are calling a serial killer was arrest...

North Carolina family loses home to hurricane flooding -- again

A North Carolina family's home is destroyed for the second time in less than 20 years due to hurricane flood...

What to expect at the 70th Emmy Awards

Some of Hollywood's biggest stars will come out to honor the best in television at the 70th annual Emmy Awards. CNN's Christi Paul and Victor Blackwell preview some of the nominees.

US border patrol agent arrested for 4 murders

A US Border Patrol agent was taken into custody in Texas in connection with the murder of four people and aggravated kidnapping, according to Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar.

NC apartment complex submerged in floodwater

CNN's Brian Todd reports from Onslow County, North Carolina, where flooding from heavy rains from Hurricane Florence has left an apartment complex and cars submerged in water.

Swimmer dies after suspected shark attack

A swimmer at a Cape Cod, Massachusetts beach died in what experts believe is the first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts in more than 80 years.

Mysterious 'security issue' forces a solar observatory to be evacuated

The sudden closure of the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico has everyone talking -- everyone but autho...

Volunteers work to secure levee ahead of storm

Over 100 volunteers teamed up with Lumberton, North Carolina, officials to help plug a gap in a city levee ahead of Tropical Storm Florence.

New Bern completes water rescues

After enduring more than 10 feet of storm surge and almost 9 inches of rain from ...

Pressure increase reported in Massachusetts gas pipeline, NTSB says

The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate a pressure increase detected in a natural gas pipe...

Days of flooding ahead in the Carolinas as Florence leaves at least 13 dead

Tropical Storm Florence's relentless rain is flooding parts of the Carolinas and promises even more for days...

Hurricane baby born after parents flee North Carolina

As North Carolinians were preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Florence earlier this week, Rachel and Levi...

IRS grants tax extensions to Hurricane Florence victims

Hurricane Florence victims in parts of North Carolina will get more time to file and pay certain taxes that ...

CNN granted access to Botham Jean's apartment

A CNN team visited Botham Shem Jean's apartment, where a small memorial of flowers and a photo with his mother adorn the front door after the 26-year-old was allegedly shot by an off-duty Dallas police officer.

'It looked like Armageddon': Massachusetts governor declares state of emergency after deadly blasts

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency Friday in three towns north of Boston rocked ...

Florence survivor: We could hear people yelling

Annazette Riley-Cromartie, who was rescued from Tropical Storm Florence, describes the harrowing scene leading up to her family's escape.

Firefighters pray for fallen Florence victims

A group of firefighters in Wilmington, North Carolina, knelt and prayed outside the home where a mother and her infant died when a tree fell. They were the first known deaths attributed to Tropical Storm Florence

5 games to ramp up your tailgating fun

It's that time of year again: Fans across the US are rejoicing the return of football season.But what...

Ex-Marine rescues victims in military vehicle

A retired Marine is using a military transport vehicle he bought at a government auction to help rescue New Bern, North Carolina, residents stranded by Tropical Storm Florence. CNN's Ed Lavandera reports.

Florence rains wash away New Bern's beloved statues

The deadly Tropical Storm Floren...

Florence topples tree killing mother, infant

A mother and her infant have died in North Carolina as Tropical Storm Florence slowly moves through the Carolinas, officials said Friday. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

Your Florence questions answered

Understandably, you have a lot of questions about Florence. So, we turned to CNN meteorologist Brandon Mille...

Firefighters kneel, pray after mother and baby die from falling tree

A group of firefighters in Wilmington, North Carolina, knelt and prayed outside the home where a mother and ...

Weatherman cuts broadcast, evacuates TV station

A news station in New Bern, North Carolina, was forced to evacuate while on air due to flooding from Hurricane Florence.

Florence threatens more than a million homes without flood insurance

Most people in the path of Florence don't have flood insurance, and many won't have the money to rebuild if ...

Rescues top 300 as water from Florence rises

Volunteers come to the rescue as waters begin to rise again during hurricane Florence. CNN's Ed Lavandera talks to one of the volunteers.

Several suspected gas explosions caused fires in Massachusetts

Officials responded to multiple addresses for fire, explosions or investigation in three Massachusetts towns.

This retired Marine is rescuing storm victims in his military transport vehicle

Jason Weinmann is using a military transport vehicle he bought at a government auction to whisk away New Ber...

Over 100 volunteers unite to prevent flooding in North Carolina community

The city of Lumberton, North Carolina, doesn't want a repeat of ...

Family trapped in Florence floodwaters kept hearing people screaming for help

Annazette Riley-Cromartie thought her family would be OK because they lived in a brick house.She was ...

Florence kills 5, including infant, in North Carolina, officials say

At least five people, including a mother and her infant, have died in North Carolina as Tropical Storm Flore...

This is Florence's projected path

As wind and rain continue to pummel the Carolinas, Florence weakens to a tropical storm.

Hurricane Florence pummels the Carolinas

Despite being downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane, Florence's storm surge is expected to be 10-feet high.

This is what it looks like right now in North Carolina, where Florence is leaving a mess

After a night of torrential rain, devastating wind and dangerous storm surges, ...

Dallas cop charged in fatal shooting

A Dallas police officer who fatally shot a man in his apartment after allegedly mistaking it for her own was arrested on a manslaughter charge, the Texas Rangers said.

She was planning to ride out the storm with her 7 rescue dogs. Then strangers rented her a van

A South Carolina woman who was planning to ride out Hurricane Florence because she couldn't evacuate with he...

Strangers come to aid of woman with 7 dogs

A South Carolina woman who was planning to ride out Hurricane Florence because she couldn't evacuate with her seven rescue dogs has found a way out.

This is Florence's projected path

Hurricane Florence approaches the Carolinas as a Category 2 hurricane threatening high storm surge, heavy rain and strong winds.

Tracking Super Typhoon Mangkhut

CNN's Karen Maginnis tracks Super Typhoon Mangkhut as it takes aim at parts of the Philippines and China.

Fire chief: Explosion scene was Armageddon

The fire chief of Andover, Massachusetts, described the scene as "Armageddon" after a series of explosions and fires rocked the area.

Manafort, special counsel close to plea deal

Paul Manafort and special counsel Robert Mueller are close to a deal for a guilty plea ahead of his upcoming trial in Washington, according to a source familiar with the matter. CNN's Evan Perez reports.

Suspected gas explosions reported in MA cities

Multiple suspected gas explosions have set several structures on fire and forced evacuations in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, Massachusetts State Police said. CNN's Wolf Blitzer reports.

Puerto Ricans react to Trump's false claim

Puerto Ricans react after President Trump falsely claimed that nearly 3,000 people did not die in Hurricane Maria. CNN's Leyla Santiago reports.

A South Carolina restaurant thanks Hurricane Florence first responders by feeding 100 of them for free

Whenever disaster strikes, firefighters, medics and police officers are the first to rush into danger to pul...

Time to evacuate running out as Florence nears

The flooding in North Carolina began Thursday as massive Hurricane Florence slowed down and its outer bands lashed towns on the barrier islands and on some of the Tar Heel State's rivers. CNN's Martin Savidge reports.

Elizabeth Smart fears for her safety if her kidnapper is released

She knows it's a long shot, but Elizabeth Smart hopes officials will reconsider the decision to let one of h...

Carolina food banks, already short on supplies, are in desperate need of donations

Traditionally, fall is low season for food banks across the country. They usually see a surge in demand duri...

Serena Williams Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of professional tennis player ...

Flight 93 National Memorial Fast Facts

Here's a look at the Flight 93 National Memorial...

Hurricane Florence starts flooding parts of the Carolinas

The rain turned sideways Thursday, rivers swelled and floodwaters began to fill streets, as massive Hurrican...

5 things for September 14: Florence, Mangkhut, Massachusetts gas explosions, Manafort

If you're fleeing Hurricane Florence and still don't know where you'll stay, there are people in surrounding...

An officer was fired for what the police chief calls 'racist' social media posts

The Milwaukee Police Department said it has fired an officer for posting "racist" and "derogatory" content o...

1 killed and several injured after suspected gas explosions in Massachusetts

A man was killed as a series of explosions and fires rocked nearly 40 homes and businesses in three Massachu...

A gunman killed 5 people in California before taking his own life, police say

A gunman killed five people before taking his own life Wednesday in what appeared to be targeted attacks rel...

American cardinal says his own mother is 'embarrassed to be Catholic'

You know the scandals in the Catholic Church are bad when a leading American cardinal says his own mother is...

Cardinal Dolan: Sex abuse stories not new to me

CNN's Christiane Amanpour discusses the sexual abuse scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church with Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

Hundreds pay respects to Botham Jean, who 'shared his love and joy with everyone' before police killing

Friend after friend stepped to podiums at a suburban Dallas church Thursday to deliver tearful tributes to t...

Water -- not wind -- is the deadliest storm hazard

Wind often gets the headlines, but water is most responsible for deaths in a hurricane.Water has acco...

Space champagne created for zero-gravity

Champagne house Mumm has created the first champagne that can be drunk while floating in weightlessness.

Pope meets with leaders of US Catholic Church 'lacerated' by abuse scandal

Struggling to contain one of the most serious crises of his papacy,...

Racist killer found dead in prison seven months into life sentence

A Tulsa man has died in prison seven months into ...

Air Force plane flies into Hurricane Florence

Watch as a US Air Force plane flies into the eye of Hurricane Florence to collect weather data for the National Hurricane Center.

20,000 pallets of bottled water left untouched in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico

The stockpile of bottled water stretches down an unused runway in Ceiba. Case after case, pallet piled upon ...

Resident: I'm taking a life-threatening risk

A resident of Carolina Beach, North Carolina tells CNN's Kaylee Hartung he feels a sense of responsibility to ride out Hurricane Florence.

These are today's front pages from cities in Florence's path

One way to get a snapshot of a community is to read its newspaper.As ...

Waffle House helps FEMA assess storm damage

Waffle House spokesman Pat Warner talks about the role the restaurant plays in measuring a community rebound after natural disasters.

These 5 reasons make Hurricane Florence extremely dangerous

Even by major hurricane standards, Florence is a beast like no other.The National Weather Service cal...

Wild horses ride out the storm

Wild North Carolina horses will ride out the storm. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on hurricane horses.

The startling stats that show the power of Hurricane Florence

Florence, a Category 2 hurricane packing 105-mph winds, is closing in on the Carolinas. How worried should p...

Ex-NSA Chief: I wish Trump had confronted Putin on election meddling

Former head of the NSA Mike Rogers said that he believed President Trump missed an important opportunity to confront Vladimir Putin about election interference when meeting the Russia President in Helsinki. Our Panel weighs in.

See untouched water bottles in Puerto Rico

A stockpile of about 20,000 pallets of undistributed bottles of water delivered in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria is sitting on an unused runway in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. CNN's Bill Weir reports.

John Brennan Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of ...

Catholic bishop in West Virginia resigns amid sexual harassment investigation

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of a West Virginia bishop and has ordered a church-run investiga...

Florence might dump 10 TRILLION gallons of rain on North Carolina

People often use the word trillions when they're overexaggerating something. This is no exaggeration....

These neighbors are riding out Hurricane Florence on an island

David Hoffman has heard all the mandatory evacuation warnings as Hurricane Florence gets closer. ...

How the Waffle House is used to determine a hurricane's fury

As the monstrosity that's Hurricane Florence ...

Police reopen investigation of former bishop

Police in Wyoming have reopened an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against a former bishop, Joseph Hart, after the current bishop pushed to take a second look at the case. CNN's Rosa Flores reports.

Hurricane Florence prompts warning: 'You put your life at risk by staying'

Officials in the potential path of a still fierce Hurricane Florence had a stern, clear message for people s...

Tropical Storm Olivia makes landfall in Hawaii

Tropical Storm Olivia made landfall Wednesday on Hawaii's island of Maui, passed south of Oahu and weakened ...

A Renoir painting the Nazis stole from a Jewish art collector is finally returned to his granddaughter

A Renoir painting looted by the Nazis during World War II has been returned to its rightful owner, New York ...

What's being done to help the homeless and sick ahead of Hurricane Florence

Imagine being in Hurricane Florence's path without the means or ability to heed mandatory evacuation orders....

This is Florence's projected path

Hurricane models have shifted Florence to the south, threatening Charleston, South Carolina, and parts of Georgia.

Six nuclear power plants are in Hurricane Florence's path, officials say

Federal officials expressed confidence the six nuclear power plants in ...

Wild horses lean on instinct to survive Hurricane Florence in North Carolina

Wild horses roaming North Carolina's barrier islands will ride out Hurricane Florence, depending on instinct...

Official: Cougar suspected in death of hiker

A cougar is likely to have killed a woman whose body was found in an Oregon park on Monday in the state's first-ever confirmed fatal attack by a wild cougar, authorities said.

NHC director on Florence's 2 biggest threats

National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham explains Hurricane Florence's two biggest threats as it approaches the East Coast: rainfall and storm surge.

Embattled D.C. cardinal to ask Pope Francis to accept his resignation

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the embattled archbishop of Washington, will travel to the Vatican "in the very near ...

Middle class income rises again — now up to $61,400

Americans' finances are continuing to improve.Median household income rose to $61,400 in 2017, up 1.8...

Romance novelist who wrote essay on 'How to Murder Your Husband' now accused of murdering her husband

In 2011, Oregon romance novelist Nancy Crampton-Brophy published a WordPress article entitled, "How to Murde...

Backward leg allows cancer survivor to dance

A unique surgery called rotationplasty is giving 12-year-old Delaney Unger another chance to dance after a rare bone cancer required doctors to amputate her knee.

Russia holds war games ahead Putin-Xi talks

Russia kicked off its largest war games since the fall of the Soviet Union, ahead of a bilateral meeting between President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping in the far eastern city of Vladivostok.

US Terrorist Attacks Fast Facts

Notable terror attacks with fatalities on US soil since 1980:1978-1995 - Three peopl...

Here's what causes extreme damage in hurricanes

CNN's Tom Foreman explains the damage storm surge from a category 4 hurricane could do.

This is how much money Apple makes on iPhones

Since the iPhone's launch in 2007, Apple has sold more than a billion phones. Here's just how much the iPhone makes for the trillion-dollar company.

Manhattan DA to dismiss more than 3,000 marijuana cases

More than 3,000 cases of marijuana smoking and possession were dismissed Wednesday in Manhattan, the latest ...

Residents flee before Florence strikes land

Hurricane Florence has the potential to cause "massive damage" to parts of the southeastern and mid-Atlantic United States -- and not just in the coastal areas where the storm aims to make landfall Friday morning, officials warned. CNN's Nick Valencia reports.

In confronting sex abuse, a Wyoming bishop confronts a powerful foe: his predecessor

The Catholic Church is facing a reckoning today in large part due to a damning Pennsylvania grand jury inves...

Cougar blamed for fatal attack on woman in Oregon park

A cougar is likely to have killed a woman whose body was found in an Oregon park on Monday in the state's fi...

Smart: Pornography made my living hell worse (2016)

Elizabeth Smart speaks out about the role pornography played in her kidnapping in 2002. Her kidnapper was sentenced to life in prison.

Shelter worker convicted of sexually abusing migrant boys

A former youth care worker accused of sexually abusing teenage boys at a federally funded Arizona migrant sh...

Why coastal communities should fear storm surge

The National Weather Service says almost half of all deaths from tropical cyclones come from storm surge....

US Open Tennis Tournament Fast Facts

Here's some background information about the US O...

Donald Trump Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of Don...

Florence's damage will be widespread no matter where it strikes

Forecasts generally have Wilmington, North Carolina, as the city most likely to bear the brunt of powerful ...

A checklist of what to do -- and pack -- when a hurricane's coming

This is not a drill.Forecasters say a hurricane is headed your way. Authorities have put out...

5 things for September 12: Florence, Syria, Catholic Church, New Hampshire, whales

You can stop to take in the iconic outdoor scenes in Florence, Italy. But don't take a bite of your gelato a...

Eagle swoops in and becomes part of firefighters' 9/11 tribute

Firefighters in Minnesota had an "unbelievable" surprise during a memorial to commemorate the anniversary of...

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