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Cumberland Firefly Award

Third graders at Cumberland Elementary in West Lafayette were surprised and rewarded today.

Posted: Fri Feb 09 15:32:13 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Feb 09 15:32:14 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Cumberland Firefly Award

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july 2018 and be completed in 2019. 3>> third graders at cumberland elementary in west lafayette were surprised and rewarded today.it was for their work at the indiana statehouse.news 18's jenna liston has the story.#@nat sound.it was an exciting morning at cumberland elementary.a 3rd grade class had a surprise visitor waiting outside their door.someone they recognized instantly.nat sound.state senator ron alting stopped by to give the class a special gift.something for all of their hardwork.last week the students presented the firefly bill at the statehouse. the bill was originally proposed in 2015 to name the firefly the state insect.after years of letters, persistence and a presentation at the statehouse the bill is now on its way to the house.48 state senators signed the original bill for the class.and alting presented it to the students in person.the message he wants these students to know...nat sound: you made a difference. 3rd grade student, jessica xie says her experience in the state house is one she will never forget.xie interview: every time we get to go to the state house, we get to talk to everyone and it's amazing. 3the important to have their voices heard.alting interview: it gives you goosebumps going into a classroom like that to see the passion and they hard work that these kids put in.a difference he says everyone can learn from.in west lafayette, jenna liston, news 18.@#>> the students are continuing to write letters