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The Purdue Crew team is hosting its annual Row-A-Thon

Fundraiser helps support the team and families who benefit from services provided by Lafayette Urban Ministry.

Posted: Fri Feb 09 13:14:09 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Feb 09 13:14:09 PST 2018

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lafayette east at 5-30 p-m. 3>> the purdue crew team is hosting its annual row-a-thon. this fundraiser helps support the team, but also families who benefit from services provided by lafayette urban ministry.#@the purdue crew team's annual row-a-thon is about a week away.crew president hannah stefanik says this fundraiser helps out the team, but also lafayette urban ministry.hannah: "we're really fortunate to have everything we have at the boathouse and so we want to kind of give back to the community." the money raised is split in half with lum's good samaritan fund. crew head coach david kucik says the team raised 30- thousand dollars last year. david: "when i came in i went to the president and i asked do you know how much money is coming in? and he says yeah. and i said are you really okay with giving half of this away? and the president looked at me and said, isn't that what we're doing it for?"they're doing it to support the families in need across greater lafayette. this money can help people cover the cost of rent and food.david: "we're very fortunate of the existence we have and we'd like to give back to the community anyway we can."the other half of the money stays with the crew team.so far they've collected more than 30 thousand dollars and will continue to collect donations. hannah: "it says a lot about the athletes and also the people in the community who are willing to give so much. it doesn't take a lot of time to write a nice letter and send it out and it's amazing that we get such a great response not just from the community, but also people outside the community. i think that says a lot."reporting in lafayette kiyerra lake news 18@#>> the row-a- row is next saturday, february 17th at the tippecanoe mall. the event goes on from the time the mall opens until