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National Guard sends soldiers to duty

More than 250 members of the Indiana National Guard received a big send- off Tuesday. Governor Eric Holcomb and Senator Todd Young, among others, attended the event to wish the soldiers best in Kuwait.

Posted: Wed Jan 03 08:35:19 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 08:35:19 PST 2018

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have been reported. 3>> more than 250 members of the indiana national guard received a special send- off today. governor eric holcomb..among others.. attended the event to wish the soldiers best in kuwait. news 18's dakota simon caught up with a few of those heading overseas. #@the 38th sustainment brigade of the indiana national guard welcomed family and friends to the kokomo event center tonight. they were treated to a special send off.something command major brenda simmons says will show the support each soldier has behind them. brenda:"i think it's a great send off for our soldiers to let them know that they have a whole plethora of people behind them, supporting them." warrant officer james gibson reflects that same feeling. gibson:"it's not just soldiers, it's about the soldiers and their families." beyond the subtleties of the ceremony, families experienced a bittersweet feeling. this isn't warrant officer james simmons first deployment. he says he hopes the soldier's training will help them feel confident upon their departure. simmons:"kind of let them know what to look forward to in their areas of operation so it'll make them feel a lot more at ease and more comfortable with it. let them know they're training the right way."this is private first class emily nilsen's first deployment. she's had mixed feelings leading up to their big day. emily:"excited, and then recently nervous when it kind of hit that we're leaving." gibson says, nervous is normal. but he uses a simple analogy about the prep work each brigade member put it. gibson:"you don't get put on the football team as a quarterback and never have trained for that. you're ready for it by the time it happens." nilsen voices the common theme that filled the room this evening. emily:"i guess you have a sense of like, pride that we are able to do this." reporting in kokomo,