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A little bad luck, a lot of generosity for Almost Home Human

A little bad luck, a lot of generosity for Almost Home Humane Society

Posted: Tue Jan 02 20:49:12 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Jan 02 20:49:12 PST 2018

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for joining us. 3>> thanks to the community.. the almost home humane society was able to replace a broken fact.. so much money was raised.. they are able to make additional repairs and add to the injured animal fund.all this comes as cold temperatures continue.. and six kittens were found outside.#@>>brittany: just last week.. this section for dogs at the almost home humane society was empty.>>nats: dog barks>>brittany: this week.. it is once again filled with dogs looking for their forever home. but they have a little more help taking care of them now, after a little bad luck turned into a lot of generosity. as news 18 reported.. a furnace needed to be replaced.>>henry: "the quote that we were told to meet to try and get our furnace replaced and installed was $2,500.>>standup: "the humane society was able to raise $8,000 to help replace the furnace.">>henry: "the excess funds that we've raised, we're going to put some into the funds for these other problems that we didn't know we had and then the rest is going to go into our injured animal fund." >>brittany: and while the dogs will now stay warm.. so will six kittens.>>henry: "a concerned citizen happened to see a crate and heard meowing, she saw it, picked it up and brought it here.">>brittany: the kittens, along with two adult cats, were found abandoned in the cold in lafayette. the staff at the humane society was busy examining the kittens tuesday afternoon.nats: diagnosis >>brittany: they have a reminder for áall pet owners during these bitterly cold days....>>henry: "it looks like everybody is okay, so they couldn't have been outside for too long. again, when temperatures were where they were -15, if you don't feel like you could be outside for five minutes, your pet shouldn't be either."@#>> to continue building the injured animal fund.. the humane society will once again host its annual bowl- a thon. strike- out- suffering will take