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brutal cold

Brutal cold temperatures wreak havoc on greater Lafayette

Posted: Tue Jan 02 15:46:41 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Jan 02 15:46:41 PST 2018

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22.@# 3we start the new year off with record breaking temperatures. the extreme cold has caused problems for people all over greater lafayette. news 18's demie johnson joins us live from the morton center, where offices have been closed all day. >> the story starts even before the morton center closed. many people found themselves stranded this morning after their cars wouldn't start because of the employees who did make it to work today say when they got here, it was extremely cold inside.that's when mayor john dennis decided to shut down for the day. #@john dennis: "i haven't taken my #@john dennis: "i 3hav gloves off since i've been here this morning, so it's chilly." mayor john dennis left home dressed in layers today.he knew it was cold outside, but he didn't think he'd have the same problem inside too. john dennis: "my assistant and some of the other staff, when they came in said that the temperature was so low in the building that it wasn't even registering on the thermometers." the morton center runs on gas and because of the extreme cold, both the meter and gas main broke, causing a boiler to break. john dennis: "a lot of things, when it gets to be this cold things really don't function at a high level of efficiency." things like your car.curtis lewis: "i've done probably 50 cars in the past week of just checking the tire pressures, the batteries when it gets this cold it does quite a bit to them." and your house. trent johnson: " the phone is ringing, pipes burst, pipes are frozen, what do i do?" state farm agent, trent johnson and mr. & mrs.tire general manager curtis lewis say their phones have been ringing a lot lately. both agree when it's this cold, sometimes there isn't much you can do. when it comes to your car, lewis says have your batteries and tire pressure checked. and johnson says keeping your thermostat set at the same temperature both day and night can help. as for the future of the morton center? john dennis: "this is one of those things that you have to consider, when you look at the facility you always have to be respectful of its historical significance but you also have to look at the fact of how functional really is it." today's events could play a role in what comes next. john dennis: "we would make sure we did everything in our power to try and keep this building, at least the structure in the same condition that is on the exterior and then completly re- design the interior." @#>> even though the building was closed today, city employees were still able to work from home. mayor dennis says they should be able to open back up tomorrow morning. but if for some reason crews don't finish work, information will be sent out on how to handle any city business you may have. live in west lafayette, demie johnson, news 18. 3>>