Cameron Hopman

Cameron Hopman is WLFI's Chief Meteorologist.

Title: Chief Meteorologist

Cameron joined the WLFI family in May of 2011, when he was our Morning and Noon Meteorologist. He was named Chief Meteorologist in 2015, and currently anchors the 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. newscasts.

Cameron was terrified of storms as a child which may have led him change his major halfway through his sophomore year while attending Eastern Illinois University. While taking a Weather and Climate class during his third semester, that initial fear became a deep fascination with the complex relationship between us and our atmosphere. He then joined the Eastern Illinois University Weather Center where he began to learn how to forecast the weather. While he continued to expand his knowledge on the subject in the classroom, Cameron began to volunteer his time at WEIU-TV.

Cameron began his on-air career with News Watch, an award winning student run news program on WEIU-TV, in January of 2009. During his tenure at WEIU, he anchored weather segments for weekend, night, and evening editions of the news. Cameron graduated from Eastern in December with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography with a concentration in Environmental Studies and a Minor in Broadcast Meteorology.

In his spare time Cameron is an avid sports fan and film fanatic. He’s really looking forward to this year’s upcoming Boilermakers football season. Expect to see him in the stands any time he gets a chance.