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Shadow or Not, It's Winter Phil

Cold, wintry conditions are expected to persist through the remainder of our extended forecast.

Posted: Feb. 2, 2018 1:02 AM
Updated: Feb. 2, 2018 1:02 AM

Good Morning,

Thursday morning’s passing cold front has unleashed a super-chilled arctic air mass across the Midwest that is expected to drop temperatures in Lafayette to their lowest point in over two weeks! On top of the bitterly cold temperatures, a northwesterly wind will continue to gust across the region, further complicating the situation.

The entirety of the viewing area will see the single digits this morning. Friday morning’s low of 6° will mark our lowest temperature since we fell to -2° on the morning of January 17th. Speaking of below zero, those temperatures paired with wind gusts of 10 or 15 mph could drop wind chill values as low as -15° at times early tomorrow.

Quite fittingly, today is Groundhog Day. We’re all waiting with bated breath for Punxsutawney Phil’s winter prediction. The forecast in Punxsutawney calls for snowfall tomorrow morning, so one would think that Phil wouldn’t see his shadow, meaning that spring is right around the corner… Right?

Well, according to the Climate Prediction Center, an organization with a slightly better track record (no offense Phil), the month of February appears as though it will be colder and wetter than the 30 year average for a good portion of the country including Greater Lafayette! It’s safe to say that, regardless of Phil’s prediction tomorrow in Gobbler’s Knob, there will be at least four more weeks of winter weather here in Lafayette.

If you’d like to see further evidence, might I direct your attention to the image above? Our extended forecast is about as wintry as you can get. Not only with wind chills remain in the single digits throughout the day tomorrow, but we’re looking at as many as three separate systems of snowfall over the next week alone. Our first, arriving Saturday evening, stands to drop between 1” and 3” of snowfall accumulation by Sunday afternoon. We’ll continue to watch our snow chances as the situation evolves.

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