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Purdue partners with LTHC to provide food to community

Students at Purdue University created a program to help donate prepared food to homeless services.

Posted: Jan. 26, 2018 6:26 PM
Updated: Jan. 26, 2018 6:42 PM

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Excess food at Purdue is now being put to good use.

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Lafayette Transitional Housing is partnering with Purdue to collect leftovers.

The goal is to deliver healthy and safe food to people who need it. Leftover prepared food at "The Gathering Place" in Meredith Hall is packaged, stored and delivered to use the next day.

The food must meet specific regulations to be served and students involved must pass a mandatory preparation exam. The organization "Timmy Global Health" recovers the food and distributes it to Transitional Housing.

It's been in operation for two years, but recently came to Purdue.

Junior, Will Austin, says he was involved in the program his freshman year of college. After two years of preperation, he says the process was worth the wait.

"It's been incredible, I would have never guessed that it would have been two hundred sixty-nine pounds in the first two recoveries. That just really sets the stage for where this program has the potential to grow into in the future." Austin said.

A chef at Lafayette Transitional Housing Homeless Center, Ivan Brumbaugh says this program reminded him why he loves his job.

"It's a rewarding, it's amazing. I'm 69-years-old and to find your job of your dreams you know this late in life."

The organization believes this is a stepping stone to expanding their services and expects the program to grow over the next few years.

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