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Police arrest 3 after OnStar helps ends pursuit

Police Lights Night

On Wednesday a police chase that started in Jasper County came to an end with the help of OnStar.

Posted: Nov. 30, 2017 11:09 AM
Updated: Nov. 30, 2017 12:25 PM

LAKE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — On Wednesday a police chase that started in Jasper County came to an end with the help of OnStar.

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State police say the 911 calls started coming in at around 7 a.m.

A reckless driver in a black Chevy Cruze was spotted on northbound I-65, weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed.

At around 7:15 a caller reported seeing the car heading toward an exit which led to the Lowell State Police Post. An officer at the post heard the dispatch and responded, driving out to the interstate.

Around the same time, OnStar called to say an Indianapolis customer had just reported that her vehicle had been stolen while she was in her home waiting for it to warm up.

The description matched the reckless car.

The officer from the Lowell Post eventually caught sight of the Cruze on I-65 and followed it through a construction zone. The driver of the car was thought to have noticed the officer because it made several vehicle passes and continued to drive in and out of traffic.

Once the construction zone was cleared, the officer attempted to make a traffic stop near the Crown Point exit. However, once the Cruze was stopped, it sped off again, initiating a pursuit and reaching speeds of over 80 MPH.

As the Cruze was approaching another exit, OnStar advised police that they could remotely disable the car.

Within 30 seconds of police making the request, the Cruze slowed to a stop on the shoulder.

Three suspects were then taken into custody.

The driver of the vehicle, 20-year-old Wendell Scruggs, of Indianapolis may face preliminary charges of auto theft, resisting arrest with a motor vehicle and driving while suspended. One of his passengers, 18-year-old Marcellus Dolomon, of East Chicago may face preliminary charges of auto theft. A juvenile passenger from Indianapolis was released to his parents and faces no charges.

Scruggs and Dolomon were taken to Lake County Jail for incarceration.

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