Lafayette council member wants to ban e-cigs in same places as smoking

E-cigarette users in Lafayette could soon see more restrictions on where they can vape.

Posted: Nov. 3, 2017 10:15 AM
Updated: Nov. 3, 2017 11:13 AM
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LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLF) — E-cigarette users in Lafayette could soon see more restrictions on where they can vape.
Right now, there is no city ban on electronic cigarettes. But council member Ron Campbell feels vaping is as much of a nuisance as traditional cigarette smoke.
That's why he would like to see vaping only in restricted areas. He's proposing that e-cigarettes be banned in the same places as cigarette smoking.
"I see them all over," said Campbell. "If you're following somebody, you see a huge bloom of smoke."
Campbell asked the city attorney to write an amendment that would make e-cigarettes prohibited in indoor places like restaurants, workplaces, and other common areas.
Not all e-cigarette smokers disagree with Campbell's proposal.
"I believe that vapers should follow the same rules that a tobacco user would follow," said Nate Welton, an e-cigarette user.
Welton has vaped for years and he is the owner iSmoke Vapor in Lafayette. As an e-cigarette smoker, he said it's important to be respectful to people around you.
"Nobody wants to have a cloud of smoke or a cloud of vapor hovering over them when they, themselves, are not actually a user of the product," said Welton.
Campbell said he made the proposal to the council after people had complained about smoking and the secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes.
"There are the same chemicals in electronic smoke as there is in the smoke from a tobacco cigarette or a cigar," said Campbell. "So, I'm asking so there is a consistency that there is no smoking allowed. Period."
Welton said even though the city is trying to put more restrictions on vaping, he feels it won't affect his business at iSmoke Vapor.
"I don't believe that it would hurt business whatsoever," said Welton.
He said he understands that the city wants people to breathe easier, but doesn't agree that vaping causes secondhand smoke.
"With the vapor, you're only breathing in what the user has already filtered out with their lungs," said Welton.
The amendment will need to be approved by the city council before the ban takes effect. If the amendment passes, e-cigarettes would be included in the current smoking ban ordinance.

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