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LPD investigating shots fired in Brampton Apartments area

Lafayette Police are investigating a second case of shots being fired in the Brampton Apartments area on the south-side.

Posted: Nov. 14, 2017 5:49 AM
Updated: Nov. 14, 2017 5:33 PM

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) - Lafayette Police are investigating a second case of shots being fired on Haggerty Lane.

Police said they received a call a little before 2 a.m. Tuesday in the 1900 block of Windemere Drive. Police said there were no injuries, but a vehicle and an apartment building were damaged. 

Less than two weeks ago, police were called to the same block for a report of shots fired. During that investigation, police found a firearm, ammunition and drugs. 

One neighbor said she is concerned for her safety.

"I heard 6 or 7 really really loud pops and I knew immediately it was gunshots," said Pauline Rayburn.

She knew because this is the second time she's heard gunshots in less than two weeks.

"I was kind of at terms with it, like this is random, it could possibly happen anywhere and then for it to happen again last night, I'm just completely back to square one."

Police said they found evidence of multiple shots fired, a damaged apartment building and car. Lt. Scott Galloway said detectives are continuing to focus on this area.

"It won't be swept under the rug and I've already talked to our detective division and they're looking into the case so we'll be investigating," said Galloway.